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How You Can Write the Best App Description For Your Business

There Were Times When Technology Used To Change Every Decade. In The 1980’S, After Computers Became Popular, It Changed Every Five Years. 

There were times when technology used to change every decade. In the 1980’s, after computers became popular, it changed every five years. Now, it changes every day. First the internet came and made a difference, then the websites and now apps. In recent times, every company has a website and each online business has an app.

Do you have an online business related to home repair services in Bangalore? Has it become a success? Has your company designed the app? But the description can make all the difference.

In this article, information will be given on writing the best app description for helping your business gain more customers. There is a great deal of competition in the online business but still you can make profits if able to meet up with the recent technology trend. By optimizing your app, you can garner a suitable portion of customers the organic way. There may be many ways to app store optimization, but it is really important that the app description should stand out from your competitors.

Darwin’s theory ‘survival of the fittest’ suits well to the situation. Your app has to catch the customer’s attention. Below mentioned are the few tips which can excite the customer for the ‘call-of-action’ mode –

1. The First 255 Characters

Please note, this is the maximum number of characters (255) the customer can see on your app’s profile page. Then, he/she will click the “More” link to read the full description.

The best way to popularize your app is to focus on words which convey its value as well appeal to the customer’s emotions. You can include attention-seeking details such as number of downloads, media coverage of your business etc.

2. Narration

You have to narrate the description in a way the user should use the app, rather than focusing on the number of characters and keywords. It is better to include case studies or stories which can easily attract the viewers.

The users should easily connect to the app. The methods to use the app should also be simple. Do you want a simple way to write the description? Imagine yourself as the customer and write a chart. Then use the points to make sentences.

3. Do Not Forget To Describe The Problem/Solution

Please note, for the app to become famous it should be able to solve a customer’s problem on behalf of the business. You really have to work on the pain points and the right words to make the customers like your app.

Search for the perfect words to write shorter sentences. Then the description will be crisp and concise.

4. Highlight few, but important features

Your app may solve a million problems for customers, but you cannot include them all in the 4000 character full description. It is better that you write in a few words, the main features that can solve the problem of the customers. If your app can save a 1000 contact numbers, focus only on this point. The users can discover the other important features themselves. Industry experts estimate that users can connect easily with one feature that solves their prime problem.

5. Credibility Statement

If your business has gained media coverage, such as reports in newspapers or TV programs, ensure you make a mention. Also if you have got testimonials from celebrities, ensure that they are recorded properly.


Always treat the app store description as a representative of your company, in other words an advertising copy. Then you can get the customers excited and feel a sense of belonging to download and use the app. Then your business can get more customers.

M Ranganath

M Ranganath

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