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How to Write a Good Argumentative Essay: Definition and Tips

EduHub Nicolas Luther 19 March 2018

How To Write A Good Argumentative Essay? What Is An Argumentative Essay? What Are The Specific Features Or An Argumentative Essay? Writing Tips And Tricks.

An argumentative essay. What is an argumentative essay? How to write it? What are the specific features or an argumentative essay? Writing tips and tricks.

An argumentative essay is a specific kind of paper. If you got it as a writing assignment, you may be happy, as it allows you to show your best writing skills and ability to think analytically. But even if you know how to write, some useful tips will not be odd.

Now, the question like “How to write my paper” will not bother you, as here you can find tips and tricks for writing a perfect argumentative essay. Here we will explore the topic in all the details. You check all “pros” and “cons” and substantiate your idea based on them. Your task is to provide a ready solution based on all those facts and discussions that you use for your essay.

Argumentative Essay Methodology:

To write a good argumentative essay, it is necessary for you to understand the material completely, to submerge in it. Look at the topic from different points of view, check different sides of the issue. Based on your discussion, the reader will be able to draw the needed conclusion even if you don’t talk about it directly. Then you just support the conclusion that the reader has already reached.

Know the Result in Advance:

In the case of an argumentative essay, you cannot write just about anything. You cannot follow the direction which the writing process is taking you in. An argumentative essay requires that you know the outcome in advance. You know what you want to achieve as a result, and you go to this result from the very first words.

  • The topic should be familiar;
  • Write down all the views that you are going to discuss;
  • Write down the arguments;
  • Arrange them so that they lead to the needed conclusion – your idea.

The Topic Matters:

The topic is important, especially when we speak about an argumentative essay. Here the topic should allow making contradictions, discussing them, proving your point of view with expert opinions and evidence.

When you select a topic, like, for example, “Sport is good for your health”, then your argumentative essay will be poor. You will hardly find any contradictory opinions. You will have nothing to prove, as everything is evident.  A topic that is too unclear or that is discussed too many times will not be the best one either.

Testing Your Argument – Have You Thought About It?

Find somebody who has an opposing view and discuss the idea with that person. Give your arguments, try to persuade him or her that your opinion is correct. Have you managed to persuade them? Have you written down all the arguments that the person had and all the arguments that have helped you to prove your view? You can and should use them all in your argumentative essay.

The Audience – You Are Writing for Them:

Never forget about your audience. You are writing not for your own pleasure, but for your reader. It is your reader who determines if the essay is good or bad. It is your reader, in our case, your teacher, who gives you a score for your essay. Hence, don’t forget about it. Consider the experience and the background of the reader. Do not forget that writing an argumentative essay for a pastor and for a scientist-atheist may differ significantly.

A Catchy Title: Argumentative Essay Allows It:

Creating a catchy title is mandatory to attract the attention of your reader immediately. An argumentative essay allows plenty of options. Why not select a question as a title for your essay? Further, you can discuss it from different sides, give options and, finally, lead the reader to a logical conclusion – your idea.

Write a Good Introduction:

Start your essay with a question, an anecdote, anything that is interesting and makes the reader want to continue reading your paper. Introduce your idea. Give the confronting views. Do not give the solution immediately, make the reader want to find out what will be in the main part.

Write the Main Part:

Devote each paragraph to a different idea for an argumentative essay. Introduce a confronting idea, give evidence, show that the idea has some drawbacks. Do not write though that another point of view is a wrong one, as this is impolite and shows you not from the best side. Just show the weak sides of the confronting view. In comparison, show the advantages of your idea. Let the readers draw their own conclusions.

The Conclusion Is Where You Make Everything Clear:

Once more, formulate your point of view and describe its strong sides. Indicate its disadvantages, if there are any. Show where it needs to be improved. If you use all these tips, you will write an amazing essay. Afterwards, proofread it and submit.


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