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How to Enable iPhone X Styled Gestures on Your Android?

Gadgets Ganesh Venigalla 17 March 2018
Presence Of Futuristic Technologies Like AR Tech, Face Unlock And Animoji. But What If You Will Enable IPhone X Styled Gestures On Your Android?

Agree it or not, the Apple iPhone X is one of the best smartphone ones can buy right now. The premium smartphone from Apple lured the attention of millions of smartphone user with its ergonomic looks and nifty features, especially the camera and presence of futuristic technologies like AR tech, face unlock and animoji. But what if you will enable iPhone X styled gestures on your android?

Apart from these the phone lack a physical button and iPhone X users are very much excited about the gestures introduced in iPhone X.

Earlier it was a bit to get used to these swipes and gestures, but as you get accustomed to your iPhone X, these gestures are handier and make navigation simple.

For instance, swiping down the screen reveals the notification box and a half swipe from the middle of the screen will quickly open up the search function.

Pretty useful, right? Fortunately, these exciting gestures aren’t limited to iPhone X users. Android users can also enjoy such nifty features right on their existing Android device.

A few third-party apps that are available on playstore can help Android users to enjoy iPhone X like gestures.

Actually, some of the best launcher apps like Nova launcher, Hola launcher, etc., have such gesture support but locked as premium features.

But to get the true experience of iPhone X gestures on Android phones you need to know about the app gesture control Next level navigation. It’s a new entrant and has several customizable features to give you real iPhone X like experience on Android with gesture support.

The apps let you quickly add gestures to navigation and what’s more, fun is the app even lets you do half swipe gestures and swipe up and hold exactly like in iPhone X so learn more about adding gestures to your android navigation and make your phone look smarter.

Gesture control – next level navigation

It is a very lite app and is less than many low memory games of Android PlayStore and has all the powerful gesture controls that detect gestures easily.

Here is how to download and setup the gesture Control app on Android.

Step 1: Basic setup

To activate the gesture control service, you need to allow access to gesture control feature located under accessibility in settings.
vOnce activated you will notice the small black bar at the bottom of the screen. This black bar will assist you to draw gestures easily.
vAs you get habituated to gestures, you can hide the black bar if you wish. If not you

Step 2: Customisation

Now Tap on the gear icon(settings) located on the top right corner of the screen and from the choose the first option, which is Gestures and Control.

There you can choose to select actions for your swipes and gestures.

By default, some gestures are already adjusted by default and customized for your comfort.

The default set of gestures include:

  • Swipe Up: Home.
  • Swipe Left: Back
  • Swipe Right: Notifications
  • Swipe Up and Hold: Recent apps
  • Swipe Left and hold: Split screen
  • Swipe Right and hold: Android Quick Settings
  • Swipe Halfway Up: No default
  • Swipe Halfway Up and hold: No default

One cool idea is to customize the app smartly to replicate iOS control panel wherein you can directly control system functions like Volume, Adjusting screen brightness, etc.

This can also reduce stress on the Physical volume keys as you can simply swipe the screen.

Also, it is possible to customize the appearance of the Swipe Indicator to match your smartphone theme.

To make feedback adjustments you can choose to vibrate or get sound alerts on swipe.

This way you can completely customize the swipes.


So this is how you can add gestures to your Android navigation. The Gesture control app is a very good app to use for this purpose. But anyhow as everything can’t be perfect, this app has some drawbacks.

Ganesh Venigalla

Ganesh Venigalla

Ganesh Venigalla is a passionate geek who loves to write on various Technologies. He is the founder of CuriousPost, a blog for all the tech enthusiasts.