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A Growing Career Opportunity And Scope In Retail Management

EduHub Gaurav Gupta 5 July 2018

In India, the retail market has seen a huge upward trend in the past decade and has a good number of career opportunities and scope in retail management as well. Retail management means the task of managing supermarkets and hypermarkets in line with the business guidelines. This is one industry that clearly works on “Customer is the King” rule.

The job opportunities for professionals in retail industry are interesting and encouraging.


Buyers are the purchasing agents who buy the products from the retail stores. They are responsible for ordering, negotiating, evaluating vendors, and arranging for delivery schedules.

Customer Service Representative

There are a number of different roles in customer service in the retail industry. The job could be anything which serves the customers like handling the returns and exchange, providing information to the customers regarding pricing and features, responding to enquiries, managing deliveries, packingand so on.


This is one of the retail job which does not require any formal education. This is a job which needs cash and billing handling and every organization that hires a new recruit will train them in this job. Cashier job opportunities are available in most of the department stores, gas stations, supermarkets, grocery stores and other retail establishments.

Department Manager

A department manager is responsible for a particular department or section in a retail store. For instance, grocery stores have managers for sections like frozen food, meat and sea food, dairy, fruits, spirits and others. The department manager will be responsible for providing information, stocking and stacking, delivery, packing and other tasks of his/her particular department/section.

IT Coordinator

Information Technology Coordinators in the retail stores provide operations and user support. Their responsibilities may include hardware, software, mobile, messaging and server support. The IT Coordinators also troubleshoot and resolve issues, upgrade and maintain the systems of the store.

Training Manager/ HR Manager

A training manager plays a vital role in any retail store and they support in creating training modules and also providing training to the floor employees, managers, cashiers and other batch of employees. The HR managers are responsible for hiring, recruitment, employee relations and engagement, organizational hierarchy and other functions. Depending on the store, this position might either be a store or a corporate position.

Product Promoter/Demonstrator

As the names says it all, a product promoter is the one who promotes the product by sharing new information about the product and its uses. In case of some products, the product promoter will also be seen distributing free samples, giving demonstrations and suggesting new products.

Logistic Coordinator

The logistics coordinator plays an important role as they are responsible for keeping track of the inventory, order stocks, allocate merchandise to stores, and ensure timely shipping and delivery to maintain the shelves and racks of the stores.

  • Other career options:
  • Marketing coordinator
  • Online Merchandiser
  • Leadership development associate
  • Order processor
  • Sales associate
  • Team lead

In retail industry, what is the best job for one person might not be the right fit for other. It depends on your personality, skills, education and interests and what you want to get out of work.

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Gaurav Gupta

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