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How Digital Signage Has Impacted the Corporate World

How Digital Signage Has Impacted the Corporate World

Internal communication within a firm is very important. The more prompt, the better. For the longest time, internal communication has been through paperwork: internal memoranda, notices and letters. A few of these were moved to the email, but you can only access mail when you log on to your computer.

Digital signage for corporate has made communication so much faster…and neater; neater in the sense that there are no more flowing bins with paper that had communication which has served its purpose. Digital signage is used for all manner of communication within a company:

  • Welcoming guests in the reception area
  • Briefings in the staff lounge
  • Major announcements, for instance, with regard to changes in the management
  • Company performance
  • Accolades to high performing employees
  • Running advertisements
  • Announcements concerning performance on the stock market

These and so much more can be communicated fast and efficiently within the confines of the workplace. This information can be posted on screens mounted at strategic places within the firm or even on the employees’ computer screens.

What does digital signage accomplish in a firm?

  • It creates cohesion within the work environment.
  • Digital signage gets things moving smoothly because information is relayed promptly and effectively.
  • Great strategy for connecting the employees, management and visitors.
  • It links the firm to the world outside of it.
  • It displays important news concerning the company, for instance, financial reports and performance on the stock market live.

How digital signage motivates employees?

There is not one human that can say that they do not need motivation. Simply put, motivating someone means giving them a reason to do something. While a salary is enough motivation to come to work on time everyday, it is not enough to induce stellar performance. The administrative team has to come up with incentives to encourage its workforce to go beyond the usual for better production.

One way to achieve this is through digital signage. Having a digital platform where information is passed on fast and in real time is advantageous for any firm.

How does digital signage promote employee motivation?

  • By offering an entertaining yet enlightening flow of information. This can be in the form of communication from the HR department or important announcements.
  • Publicly displaying those employees that have met and surpassed company goals and expectations is a proven way of motivating even the weakest worker. One is left thinking, if Steve can achieve this, so can I.
  • Posting incentives on the screens motivate the employees to achieve goals so that they can be rewarded. No one will want to pass up the chance for a trip which is right there for all and sundry to see.
  • Company achievements can also act as a motivating factor, especially if the employees’ input is recognized. They are made to feel that they played a significant role in getting the company to the present level. Management can achieve a lot just by putting up a message of gratitude.
  • A constant streaming of the company’s motto and mission statement is a constant reminder of what the employees are working to achieve. It can easily turn into a rallying call for everyone to pull their weight.
  • Digital signage promotes a safe working environment in the workplace with emergency bulletins.

With digital signage, no one will be able to use the age-old ‘I wasn’t informed’ excuse. Even employees who do not have constant access to the internet will be sufficiently informed and in good time too. The only reason you can claim not to know is if you were absent from work.

Has digital signage changed communication in the workplace?

The long and short of it is, yes, it has. It has certainly met the need for enterprises to communicate more effectively. In addition, it has helped to boost efficiency in business operations because real-time communication saves a lot of time.

  1. There is less need for calling for time-consuming meetings to be briefed on developments, changes and emergencies. They are simply communicated digitally and in real time.
  2. Employee feedback is also immediate and easily assessed by management. It is easy to discern from real-time reactions how news of changes in management, for instance, have been received. Facial expressions and physical reactions can be rearranged behind closed doors, but not in real time.
  3. The management can use this live feedback to figure out a way forward if need be, or investigate any negative vibes that may have been expressed. The success of any corporation depends largely on how well the workforce interacts with each other. This is why companies take time off work to engage their employees in team building activities to bolster healthy relationships at work.
  4. Employees are encouraged to share the company hashtag in their social media accounts. They are also allowed to share company photos and bulletins to spread the word to their followers and thus play a part in strengthening the company brand.
  5. Polling for company activities is also done digitally. Employees can vote for their preferred company activity, like training or team building activities and locations.


Digital signage has brought about a lot of positives in the corporate world and certainly made communication easier and faster. It has also made it more fun and more effective because communication is done in real time. Information is passed across as soon as it is received and action on it can begin immediately and in earnest. Workers are also motivated to do their best. Everyone wants to see their name up in lights for all the good reasons. It has impacted positively on the business world and those that have embraced it have good tidings to report.



Karen Anthony is a Business Tech Analyst. She has done extensive research on digital signage for corporate and found a lot of useful information for anyone hoping to learn about it. Y