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Homemade Ghee/Clarified Butter from Malai/ Milk Cream

Transfer The Cream And Heat It In Low-Medium Flame. Cream Will Start Melting. Bubbles Will Form Soon And You Can Hear Bubbling Sound. You Can See It Becomes
Blog The Home Maker16 5 June 2017

Homemade Ghee or Clarified Butter from malai/milk cream

Hello homemakers…Today I am sharing with you all a very good recipe. You must try it. Its about homemade ghee.I make ghee once or twice a month nowadays. I use it for daily consumption. I strongly believe that homemade ghee is definitely better than the store bought one.

You might feel the making process of ghee as a difficult one initially at least when you make it for the first time. But I swear that you will find it as easy after you try once or twice. Just you need one time practice.

Here I am going to show you how to make ghee from scratch at your home from cream or malai. I hope you will try this out and let me know how it came out. Here goes the recipe:


  1.  Milk cream or Malai

  2.  Milk

  3. Strainer

  4.  Pan / Wok / Kadhai

  5. Stainless steel container 


  1. Boil milk and allow it cool down. The cream/malai will be floating on the top.
  2.  Filter it and keep it in a stainless steel container(with lid). Keep it in refrigerator. Collect this for at least 10 days to get good amount of ghee in the last step. You can collect the cream in the same container. So, choose appropriate size.
  3.  After 10 or 15 days you will get good amount of malai for ghee. Now just transfer the cream into the mixer jar. Process it for a minute. You will get smooth cream.
  4.  Heat a heavy bottomed vessel like iron kadai. Transfer the cream and heat it in low-medium flame. Cream will start melting. Bubbles will form soon and you can hear bubbling sound. You can see it becomes frothy.
  5.  After few minutes, you can see clear ghee on top and milk solids in the bottom. There will be little foam also.
  6.  The ghee will become slightly golden brown in color and the milk solids will stick to the pan and looks brownish.
  7.  Now switch off the flame. Now Homemade Ghee is ready.
  8.  Filter it and collect in a container in which you want to store the ghee. I recommend using stainless steel filter to filter the ghee.

Cooking Tips:

1. While making ghee, stir only if the ghee starts burning. Do not keep stirring unnecessarily.
2. Fresh ghee might have slight smell of milk solids(like milk powder). After a week, it goes off completely
3. Boil milk and keep it in fridge overnight to get thick cream collected on the top of milk.
4. Filter the cream before you add to the container. Do not add milk in the container.
5. You can use the cream given in step 3 for decorating desserts cakes etc.
6. You can use the leftover milk solid in step 6 to make sweet parathas. Simply add sugar to the milk solids and mix it well . Use this stuffing to make yummy sweet paratha.

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Till then keep cooking and keep sharing.
The Home Maker16

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