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Factors to be considered while buying your next SD card

Gadgets Kavita Paliwal 13 December 2018

In the past days, people used drives like a floppy disk, hard disk, compact disk etc for storing the data. With the advancement of technologies, there is a great demand for memory cards to store data in the form of audios, videos, images, apps, games.

These memory cards are used in Smartphone and tablets to expand its storage space. Also, these cards are utilized in portable devices like a camera to store the recorded video or audio for later use.

If you are worried about data loss in SD card, here is a quick little guide on corrupted SD card data recovery.

Whether it is a phone, camera or other gadgets buying an SD card is the same for all. When you are decided to buy an SD card, there are many parameters to be considered in order to avoid the terrible performance or loss of money.

Choose the right memory card type

The first thing is to know the type of device you are going to use the memory card. If it is for Smartphone, tablet, or any basic camera, it is enough to buy a low-cost micro SD card. In case you are going to use the high-resolution camera, then you can opt out the high-speed cards that have large memory for better performance.

There are three formats in micro SD card which has the same specification but they work in different ways. They are

MicroSD: This card can be used in any microSD card slot and it has a capacity of 2GB
MicroSDHC: This card is used in hardware that supports SDHC or SDXC which has capacity from 2GB to 32GB.
MicroSDXC: This card can be used only in the device that supports SDXC and it has capacity more than 32GB and 2TB.

Then you should consider the capacity of the SD card that supports your device. This is because every device has varying memory space size.

Look for the speed of a card

The speed of the SD card is one of the essential factors to be considered while buying a new memory card. The speed of the card depends on writing speed of a card in megabytes per second. There are four methods to show the speed of SD card

  • Class 2: At least 2MBps
  • Class 4: At least 4MBps
  • Class 6: At least 6MBps
  • Class 10: At least 10MBps

These measures show the performance of the SD card and help you to identify the suitable card for your specific task.

Choose the right card

It is important to choose the right SD card according to the task to be performed with it. It means that you have to find a card that has fast and appropriate space for your work.

If you use the SD card to extend the memory of a Smartphone, then you can choose the high capacity card. Here speed is not such important as you will not be transferring files often. But when you need to shoot the high-resolution videos, you must go for high capacity and high fast cards. If you use the low-speed card for an HD video shoot, it will make dropped frames and many pauses in the video.

Don’t buy fake cards

Mostly low-cost cards result in a fake memory card or it will give you the worst performance. So you have to find the branded memory cards from a reputed center. Otherwise, you feel the risk while using it in your device and it wastes your effort.

You must look at these factors clearly, as the configuration on the package will be fake card sometimes. You won’t notice until you use this card.

Opt out the brand card

The popular brand cards are always better than purchasing the no-name cards. A brand card can give you better performance, greater reliability, and robustness.

Even if you pay high this offers you a better performance. Also analyze the various features of SD cards like warranty, waterproof and shockproof.

Thus, these are the 5 things to be considered while buying your next SD memory card for your portable device. It is better to buy the memory cards based on your specific task to get the great performance.

Kavita Paliwal

Kavita Paliwal

Kavita is Independent Outreach Specialist cum Content Writer. When not glued to her laptop, she can be found making travel plans that rarely happen ;) Connect with Kavita on Twitter @dreamerkavita