Facebook Ads: News July 2019. Positive News?

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In recent weeks, several changes have been made to the Facebook Ad Manager platform. Let us see what they are, but above all, if we can consider them positive or not.

Farewell to fan targeting

You can do more advertising campaigns on the fan page and on the friends of fans, and this is considered by many to be a problem. Consider companies that have invested over the years in growing their fan base, and now find themselves without the possibility of reaching them through sponsors.

The truth is that this problem is less problematic than it might seem and, indeed, it may be a step forward for Facebook to push companies to improve their marketing functions.

We want to reach all the fans who want to reach without any discrimination, even those who like it years ago and no longer interact with the page because they were not interested or out of target? This happens with a fan campaign.

Now, instead of this option, there is a possibility to reach people who have interacted with your page in the last 375 days. In other words, Facebook is pushing advertisers to reach people who have interacted with the page over the past year, even if they have become fans rather than people who want to sleep for more than a year.

This advertising action was also available earlier, for the possibility of creating individual audiences based on engagement with the page. Now, however, it is more preferred by Facebook because the option is more visible.

This news has not yet been implemented in all accounts. In many accounts, I still see past options, but it will only be a matter of time. Regardless of how important that approach was to us, we now need to adapt to this change.

Establishing a deep connection with your potential customers will be important.
Custom public dimensions are back

Elimination of data on the size of custom audiences is a more serious problem and in many ways quite annoying. Not knowing how many people you could reach in a promotional campaign and set your budget accordingly, one of the problems that had been bothering advertisers since March of last year.

Facebook has announced that since suspending this function, it has worked to improve the protection of personal privacy, avoiding abuses regarding user privacy.
Now with these updates, they are restoring estimates of individual public coverage and will soon be available in our accounts.

The expectation is that within Audience Insights the possibility of analyzing these audiences will also be available. It will be even more important to understand the characteristics of our audience more easily and faster.

In addition, as part of the transparency operation, Facebook will allow users to control companies that have uploaded lists of users with their information and who use these lists to run advertising campaigns through their profiles Are.

Only 3 lines of copy in preview

In the preview of the text inserted in an advertisement from August 19, only the first 3 lines will be displayed, whereas now they are 7.

The user who wants to read all the text has to click on it as it is now. The difference is that the amount of visual text decreases.

What will it mean?

The first copy is the most important for the entire copy, as it is the one that attracts the user’s attention and pushes it to continue reading. Well, now it will become even more important because it will be only what you can preview.

Rarely can this new solution negatively affect clicks and conversions, because, from experience, I know that longer copies can convert better than shorts? In other words, the user is already prompted, in many cases, to click to read the entire text before performing the next tasks.

Basically this is not a major change, and you can also adapt without any problems.
CBO postponed until February 2020

For months we have said that since September it would be mandatory to set budgets at the CBO, ie campaign level, and we all have tried to line ourselves up using it immediately, so as not to find ourselves unprepared.

On the other hand, Facebook announced that it has been postponed until February. This means that we will have more time to test and better understand the new algorithm before it becomes final.

To date, in fact, some of the CBO’s arguments are not yet clear. In particular, the distribution of budget appears to follow public size more than the best cost per result, which is why it is discouraged to use different sizes of the public in a single campaign, and in particular To separate from the public to retrieve, to look with interest and from them.

The same minimum and maximum expense functions do not always work perfectly. It will probably take some time before entering this new paradigm.


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