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Drive more organic traffic to your business website with social media

Business moorewalter485 17 September 2018

In the event that you are a business owner, then you should be aware of how important it is to have a business website in today’s day and age. The world of digital marketing has changed the way marketing done traditionally. These days, it is necessary for any business owner to have a fully functional business website up and running in order to ensure that he can get any profit for his business. Traditional marketing strategies of offline methods cannot help you reach the same level that digital marketing on the internet can. In order to reap these benefits, it is essential that you get plenty of people to visit your business website and generate more organic traffic. By using social media platforms, you will be able to do just that. In this article, you shall learn how social media can help you to get more traffic to your business website.

The power of Social media

Social media websites have taken the world over by storm. Ever since the internet became accessible to a larger audience worldwide, people have strived to stay connected with each other and vie for access to more knowledge. Social media has just done this. Not only are people able to contact and communicate with each other more easily but they are also able to learn new things in the process.

Currently, the most popular social media platforms in the world are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Other websites like LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube are also there. The top three social media platforms have combined user strength of more than two billion people worldwide. This gives business owners the chance to showcase and expose their products to an enormous global market.

  • Facebook: Facebook is the world’s most popular social media platform currently. On Facebook, you will be able to post both textual, video and visual content. Thus, you can make posts about your business; you can upload videos of your events and upload photos of your business products. You can also share links to your blog posts and other relevant information which are related to your business. You can make important announcements on Facebook about your business like upcoming special deals and discounts, new products, etc. One trick that a lot of business owners prefer is to give only the headline of their posts on Facebook and follow it up with a link to their business website where the complete information is given. This makes users click the s they want to learn more.

  • Twitter: Twitter is an innovative social media platform. It is basically a micro-blogging website. But it has immense potential for business owners, as a lot of brands use Twitter extensively for addressing customer care purposes. People are able to contact brand representatives quite easily by Twitter. You can also use Twitter to publish the headlines of the latest developments of your business, followed by the link to your website where the details are given.

  • Instagram: On Instagram, you can publish only photos and small videos. Post photos of your business products on Instagram. Include descriptions of your products in the caption section. Instagram can be an online portfolio of the inventory that you have and display to the world the unique products that you want to sell.

Increased organic traffic: Your business website will be getting more visitors from your social media profiles when the people who follow you there are redirected, or they want to direct themselves of their own volition to your business website to learn more about your business and their products. It is necessary that you share your website’s contents, your blog contents on your social media pages extensively along with the specific social media posts for the various platforms. You must remember to include the link to your official website in every post you make. You can mention the link in your posts on Facebook after you are done putting the main content of your post. In Twitter, you should put the links right under your tweets where you share something important pertaining to your business. On Instagram, you must include the link to your web pages in the caption section of the images of your business products which you upload. This way, the link will always be there for your users to click and your website shall have more visitors. Having more visitors mean more chances of getting sales, which mean higher profits.

You cannot hope to enjoy the main advantages that social media platforms like Instagram have to offer unless you ensure that more and more people are noticing your brand and your business website. This can only happen when you have more followers on your social media pages. You will have to get more Instagram followers if you want to get more people to visit your business website.


The world of business marketing has evolved considerably over the last decade. With the rise in the number of people having access to the internet, marketing strategists are compelled to look at the internet as the best medium available for doing business promotion. Social media websites and popularity of smartphones have made social media platforms the best place for a business marketer to promote and market businesses and their products. You must use social media platforms to your best advantage in order to drive more people to visit your business website. Social media websites will drive up the amount of traffic that you get in your business website. This will help you to ensure that more people learn about your products and that you get more sales. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you.



This is an article by Walter Moore. He is a notable management consultant and digital marketing expert. He is quite experienced in the field of web marketing as well as website designing.