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Chennai Based Social Networking Startup Fansmark – Connecting The Fans Worldwide

Business Bharath 9 July 2019

Now, an app for all fans to connect world wide. Chennai based startup launches Fansmark – A digital fan club app helps to connect Cinema, Leader and Sport Fans Worldwide.

What is Fansmark?

Typically, fans-celebrity interactions are more common these days in Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Fansmark wanted to have access to one on one interactions with fans, and a better understanding of their world wide fanset mood on their following celebrities.

To introduce a new plethora for connecting fans world wide, Fansmark developed a complete social networking fan club application named “Fansmark” – Connecting Cinema, Leader & Sports Fans Worldwide.

If you are a fan of India’s hottest Dhoni, Kohli, Messi, Saina, Sharuk, Salman and Rajni Kanth, you may soon be able to mingle with your celebrity fans world wide to greet, to chat, to send and receive exclusive pictures, videos or content of your lovable celebrity with this fans club social networking app.

How it works?

Fansmark application gives each celebrity with a profile feed and their celebrity fans can follow their celebrity profile to engage world wide fans by faster sharing the latest news on celebrities, trues behind rumors and real facts, social updates, song releases, first look posters, teaser and trailer releases, seasonal greetings and much more.

This social media fan application is free to download and it will be available in Google Play Store. Any one can download this app and join immediately by updating their profiles to become a fan of their  celebrities.

Of course, Fansmark comes with unique and cool features and one of the notable feature is FM ID, means a unique 8 digit Fan ID while creating the account. Hence, you can avoid sharing your personal user ID or Email ID for sending fan requests and also it will be helpful to find any of the Fan’s exact account at the very first profile search.

Let’s checkout the other special features below.

Special Features & Benefits:


It enables you to know instantly, what’s happening around your favourite celebrity and his fans.

Fan Feeds:

Now access fans related feeds like “Ask, Results etc, built with ultimate fans requirement.


Easy Profile:

Short and meaningful profile details that help other users to find like-minded fans.


Fansmark introduced a new feature to the world by giving marks to your favourite people and fans to make every day a fun day.

Watermark for Profile Pictures:

Convert your text as watermarks to keep your profile picture secure and it prevents from anti theft and other miscreants by eliminating anti-social people.

Other Features:

  • Instant trending news about your celebrity and explore fansism emojis such as whistle & punch options.
  • Interact with your celebrity fans by adding comments and reactions to their posts.
  • Save photos or upload your own fan-made posters to your celebrity followers and make it viral.
  • Get notified automatically with the latest news about fans and celebrities by enabling the notification options.

Fansmark Recognition:

Fansmark social networking fan app has bagged the “:Best Innovative startup award for 2019” at Enantra – Annual Meet which held at Anna University in Chennai, India.

Anna university’s Entrepreneurship Mantra began organizing Startup Summit as a parallel platform alongside the AIM to get recognized and promote international co-operation, investment and knowledge sharing for startups.

As Fansmark’s unique approach, concept, idea, design interface and user friendly terms are the main reason to grab this Enantra Award.

Fansmark Foundation:

Fansmark made this idea in 2016 and now it has developed and converted a complete mobile app which is available on Android devices and soon will be rolled out in iOS. The Fansmark start-up founded by Gopinath Vairam and he is the CEO, and Thamilvanan, who heads the Chief Technology Officer and Dhilipan is the Marketing Lead for brand presence in all mediums. For more check out Fansmark’s online portfolio here: https://fansmark.com



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