Ten business commandments to become successful in your own way

Success is mostly been treated as the end result and we all wish to become successful, but the irony is that most of us fails to understand the nature of success.

Success is mostly been treated as the end result and we all wish to become successful, but the irony is that most of us fails to understand the nature of success and what makes us successful. Success lies not in the destination but the journey. Following are ten business commandments to be followed to be called successful.

Define Success on your own terms

Never let others deciding if you are successful or not. Your success should be only and only defined by you. It’s not important what others feel about you, it’s what you feel about your journey is important.

Don’t expect others to support your dreams, it’s yours

Most of the times we tend to fail because we bang on others to fulfill our dreams. Always remember, your expectation of others supporting your dreams will end up giving you harsh and unwilling results. Its better that you yourself work for your dreams and let other also join your hands, but never just bang on others to fulfill your dreams.

Treat commitment as act and not just a word

initially it sounds all good when we decide to do something and make lots of commitments to yourself and to others but slowly it just become a words than the actions. Until and unless you start treating commitment as an act and not just a word, things will never turn interesting.

Focus on Journey rather than Destination

One of the most important commandments of all is that never ever focus on your end result. What you actually treat as end results are nothing but the bi- products of your journey. Always make sure that your journey of trying to achieve something should be interesting and you must enjoy the journey rather than just waiting for the expected destination.

Mental stability during crises

Many have not failed but went back because of depression, frustration or of mental pressure. Always remember, if you can’t handle stress, you can’t handle success. Success is a bi-product of a stressful journey but it’s you who can if maintain the mental stability during such stress may turn the stressing moments also into the comfortable one.

Start before you are ready

Waiting for the day when you will be completely ready to start something and then to start is always an excuse. Step forward to start, even if you are not completely ready. Waiting for the day when all things will be as per your expectation and then you will take a step is something which never happens. Risk is synonyms to success, if it is calculated properly.

Believe in yourself

The first thing for the person who want to be called successful is to believe himself. Until and unless, you trust your dreams and you have faith on your plans and actions, your unconscious mind will never accept that you believe yourself. And, if you don’t believe yourself, as per law of attraction, you will always end up losing the game.

Treat Failure as part of process

Being failed in one exam doesn’t define that you failed in your life. Failure is part of the process of being successful. Learning comes from experiences and experience comes from bad experiences i.e. mostly failures. It’s not bad if you fail because that’s where the learnings to become successful lie.

If you decided to do it, don’t be afraid

This commandment is actually a connection to fear of failure which becomes the biggest roadblock to success. If you are afraid to do it, let’s not do it; but if you decided to do it, let’s not be afraid of anything. Your self confidence itself will help you to travel most of your journey. Rest lies in plans and actions.

Be happy, it’s in your own hands

Last but the most important commandments of all are to make sure that you are happy while doing anything. If you are not happy, let’s just don’t do it. Happiness is the biggest key to success. Happiness drives you towards success. Actually speaking, for most of us; if you are happy, you are successful. Don’t forget to be happy, success will follow your path.

Mrityunjay Mishra
Mrityunjay Mishra