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Assumptive Close: What Makes It Unlike Methods To Sell The Product?

Assumptive is a method which refers to the process of making sales successfully. But! It is somewhat different from other types of closing.
Business emma.parker801 17 February 2020

Assumptive Is A Method Which Refers To The Process Of Making Sales Successfully. But! It Is Somewhat Different From Other Types Of Closing.

Business is divided into three major steps: production, selling, and closing sales. First two factors are depending on the cost, but the third one “CLOSING” plays an imperative role. Let’s have a look at it, and how it decided the company’s future. 

What is closing sales in business? 

It is the last stage of the process, which convert people to a customer. The main objective is to turn them into potential buyers. These are the buyers that prefer to purchase a product from the known shop. 

It considers the assumptive closing technique that is one of the most used methods. Most of the salesperson prefers this. You must be wondering to know more about it. 

Let’s execute it, and know-how “Assumptive closing technique” is useful for the business. 


Assumptive is a method which refers to the process of making sales successfully. But! It is somewhat different from other types of closing. 

In such a method, one has to predict the customer’s intention. 

For example, 

Suppose a buyer visit the shop, and asking a salesperson to show the important stuff. Salesman able to explain things and then customer has to make a decision. There is a small part between them and, i.e. assumption.

It is a period where salesperson decides that the prospect is going to purchase the things or not. Though it depends on two more factors:

  • Salesman’s state of mind 
  • Customer’s state of mind 

Analyse these two factors together, help to envisage the results. It may seem easy, but it needs a dedicated salesperson. But! It offers several benefits to the business. 

The Benefit of Assumptive Close over the Business

There are numerous advantages that your firm can get from it. We have discussed them one by one. 

Table of Content

  • Saves time 
  • Boost selling rate 
  • Increase revenue 
  • Generate potential customers

Saves Time

Understanding the customer’s needs and their intention takes time. It could be happening because of hard or soft sales. 

Hard sales: It is a method where one sells the product forcefully to the purchaser.  

Soft sales: In this technique, a salesman predicts the customer’s intention. Or, you can say it as indirect selling. 

But, in assumptive close, soft sales occur, which reduce the time to understand the customer’s needs. 

Boost Selling Rate

Converting a buyer to the potential customer is not an easy task. Here, assumptive sales closing technique creates wonderful results. It boosts the selling rate, and increases the customer base, that ultimately produces a large customer’s land. 

Increase in Revenue

A sale is directly proportional to the revenue. More sale occurs more revenue generates. So, here customer base is increasing as we have mentioned above that directly reflect on the revenue. 

Generate Potential Customer

Though, for every industry, the trustworthy customer is matter OVER normal ones. The assumptive closing technique will only successful when the sales can do. Without extraordinary skills, generating potential customer is an impossible task. 

If your industry does not have such type of person, then hiring one is vital. Nevertheless, it is crucial for both small as well as big firms. For start-up arranging funds may be difficult, but there are options, like borrowing money from investors or for quick money guaranteed payday loans may help you to some extent. 

Signs That Can Help You to Know About the Customers

We have covered six signs that can aid you to know about the intention. It will be useful when you skip the part of hiring due to a rigid plan. Follow the below-mentioned steps, apply it when you sell product or services to the prospect. 

  • Exhilaration
  • Lack of doubt 
  • Constructive comments 

Exhilaration Level 

If someone is not willing to purchase the product, then he/she will be not able to buy it. So, here, you have to check whether the customer is feeling energetic or optimistic. If you are getting the positive results, then go for it. 

In other cases, you can leave the soft sales, and then perform the hard sales to sell the product. And it is the reason hard selling is known as end sell. 

Lack of Doubt 

Customer may ask a question related to the product. But! Here you have to detect are the questions are irrelevant or relevant to the product. It may happen that you are not able to clear the doubts, and then you may lose the customer even trying Assumptive close.

It also reflects that constructive selling is not always workable. Here, one has to understand the other side of it too. 

Constructive Comments 

The face of the customer is looking satisfying, and offering positive comments means assumptive close works in a wonderful way. Though the customer is not yet deciding to buy it, you can create the assumption to sell the service or product. 

No doubt, it looks hard to apply, but need constant practice. And you have to understand that it will not work all the time, even there is not sales category that can work in 100 per cent. Perform this while dealing with every customer, whether managing on calls or face-to-face interaction. This will facilitate to develop the assumptive close sales habits.