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Crucial Things Must For New Visa and Immigration Services

Business Abhishek Gupta 10 August 2018

Visa and Immigration services are the organizations or companies who provide information to the clients and guide them in a proper manner, that how can they go to the abroad. The companies provide paid services to the clients and tell them the rules, regulations, and policies of those countries. Immigration companies help the people during the full process, starting from applying for any country to the visa, all the documentation also done by immigration services and they also have tie-ups with the institutes which give training for the interview conducted by an embassy.

When someone is going to open a new immigration, they must have some accessories which are really important, are given below: –

#1. Register Your Company:

The very first step to open an immigration service is registering a company. The registering process should be done with a completely legal process. A Limited company must be registered in any of these in Sole proprietorship or partnership firm or private company limited or Limited liability Partnership firm or any one person company. The company business structure is a determining factor for the compliance, formalities, and liability to set up the business.


#2. Tax Registration And Documentation:

One should register with the GST authority and get the GST Number for your business. You will have to pay tax for the services according to the government norms. You also need to buy GST software in support to your business. It makes you enable for the business. For a business, one need to have certain documents in place, such as Digital Signature Certificate, Tax Deduction Account Number (TAN), Director Identification Number (DIN) etc. All the documents should be prepared with the help of some legal authorities from Charted Accountants or lawyers. A proper legal method should have gone through with for the registration of your business or applying for GSTIN.

#3. Tie-Ups With The Foreign Organizations:

If you want to get success in your immigration business then firstly you should have to do the tie-ups with the foreign companies which hire persons for long time and tie-ups with the organizations like universities of some countries, where you can send your clients if they are interesting to go there for study purpose or on work permit basis. When you are new to the market and people don’t have faith in you. Then you can show the documents for business tie-ups and legal contracts with the foreign organizations. You have to do extraordinary efforts to assist the clients and make sure to get them the visas. Affix there photographs along with their phone numbers. So that new customers who come can call to the persons who get visas with the help of your organization.

#4. Advertisement:

While opening a new immigration company one should take care of this part very carefully as it is the most important part. Without customers, no any of your business can be successful. The new organization is not known by anyone, so one has to advertise his/her organization. Advertisement can be through newspaper, pamphlets, holdings, boards, business cards and fixing the posters on walls of some common places and the digital marketing includes the advertisement through Television, Radio, social networking sites like Facebook, Whatsapp or web applications.

#5. Workspace and License from the Government:

 While you are opening a company you should have a workspace. On the behalf of the workspace you get registration certificate from the registering authority. After registering for the limited company and after getting GSTIN you have to get a license from the Government Authority and you should get the documents  from Different government organization authorities like Ministry of External Affairs (because you have to deal with the foreign agencies), Ministry of Human Resources Development (Because you will hire employee to your organization).

#6. Hiring Educated Office Staff:

 When you are starting a new immigration business then you should set up your office with nice infrastructure and should hire an educated staff. Highly qualified staffs should be hired in the entire department like in HR department, IT department, Accounts department, and the main sources the Counselors. In the starting of business, you should hire a very experienced staff who can attend the customers and can give them proper guidance and satisfying them by sorting out their queries. Staff should be able to handle all the customers politely and can guide the customers politely.

#7. IT Assets and Domain:

Setting up a new immigration company requires proper IT assets like computers, kiosk machines where the customer can get the required information and the IT Staff. Setting up their website also adds some benefits to your business, it is a way to advertise your services and people can get an answer to their questions and can check your licenses and registration no and verify them online or offline from govt. authorities. For the registration of website, one should buy a domain name and space from popular domain space providers like godaddy.com or any of the domain space providers. For that you should have high-class systems having advanced hardware options.

Running businesses is not that easy, If You are running a new business in immigration that is quite tough to run for the initial stages. When you have get the faith of people in your organization and you have to work very hard for the successful attempts. In the start of your business you should offer some interesting offers to the customers, like discount offers in the consultancy charges. You need to make your identification and once people start showing interest and faith in your companies services then you can get more customers by their references. One must need the above said necessary accessories to get a good business in the starting. Company policy must be result oriented and they should work hard to give 100 percent success rate which increases the faith of customers in your company and it lead to the growth of your business.

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