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50 Best Agriculture Business Ideas and Startup For Professional & Student

Do you have more interest towards agriculture? And are you looking for a proper guidance to embark your interest in a large scale? Agriculture is not just growing crops.  An intense care and proper space for the growth of the crops matters a lot. Many modern technologies are being introduced in the field of agriculture but still people fears of the veggies being sold in the market. Some of the best agriculture business ideas and startup, did you ever think about? Let’s talk in this article!!

Since the risk of artificial ripening and usage of the harmful pesticides to make it look fresh for long hours. So people started to show more interest in agriculture for producing organic and healthy veggies and the crops. Without proper knowledge about the plant growing, you can’t sustain in the field.

Most Profitable Agricultural Business Ideas in India:

Moreover working smart with new innovative ideas also brings you more benefits. In accordance with agriculture, much small business is also available which is in demand and more profit is being made out of it. Freshly passed out students, if chose agriculture as your domain here are some exciting business associated with that which you choose as your start up.

1.Nursery farming

Than growing the crops in the field you start your own nursery and plant different types of floras and can even sell it to your customers. Before going through this business you need to know how to start a plant nursery. You can take reference of a complete guide for plant nursery startup idea.

2. Dairy farming

Make money out of selling healthy organic milk. Set up a farm and cares the cows and also the other milk producing dairy animals and start your dairy farming.

3. Fish farming

The aquaculture, the most trending business, culturing fishes in a small pond and selling to the variety of customer is the so-called fish farming. This is one of the Profitable Agricultural Business Ideas in India.

4. Vermicompost-organic fertilizer production

This is another profitable business with the less investment. For people who is looking to start a new business in agriculture, vermicompost would be a much better option.

5. Snail farming

Research says that snails have some inbuilt vitamins and minerals which enhances the health of the human if you commence your business in snail farming a guaranteed growth will be waiting.

6. Herb farming

The demand of the spices and herbs is always vast. Due to the flavour which it adds to the food. The price of such herbs is also never drowning, so you can step into it this business without having any second thought.

7. Soy production

We all know that how soy come into our in variety of forms. So by growing soy you can make all products of soy and sell it to more number of market. Good quality of soy will sustain a good place in the market. You can choose it as one of the best agriculture business ideas and startup.

8. Honey production

Selling a good quality of honey to the market always grabs people attention. Harvest honey from the honey bee nest and you can money out of it.

9. Beeswax production

Not only can the honey, even the wax from the bee nest also be used. Many candle companies pay a good sum of money for the bee wax. Prefer doing this too.

10. Beekeeping

Beekeeping also one of the prominent job. Monitoring the bee and taking care of the honey for the later cultivation and setting up a good environment for the bee to feed on the nest more is also a good job to do. This field requires very less investment.

11. Sunflower farming

If you’re ultimate is to make the profit then growing commercial crop would be a good one. The sunflower is always considered to be a commercial crop since the seed of the sunflower used to make the cooking oil. So own a land with good resource and start growing sunflowers.

12. Hydroponic retailer store

One of the best money making agriculture business ideas is hydroponic retailer-ship. Hydroponic is the best way to save the resource and install farming in a better way. The hydroponic is soil free, even the water can be recycled, less investment and more profit.

13. Field crop farming

Some herbs and spices grow only in extreme weather condition and but these kind of field crops are very expensive in the market.

14. Fruit growing

Many fruits grow in different season. So start fruit farming and harvest different kinds of fruits based on the season and sell it to the market.

15. Poultry farming

Good quality of Chickens and other poultry creatures are being in used in the variety of industries.

16. Livestock feed farming

Livestock farming is always space consuming and maintenance is also very important. But you contribute to livestock farming by supplying the feed for it.

17. Mushroom farming

Mushroom is considered to be the vegan’s chicken. Own a land and set up a good environment for mushroom and make the good profit out of it.

18. Vegetable farming

Certain vegetables grow in all-weather condition and the need of those veggies are always hug. So you can choose vegetable farming too.

19. Urban farming

Many people in the urban areas show their farming interest in setting a rooftop garden and still making the profit out of it by producing a good variety of organic vegetables.

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20. Farmer’s market vending

Who can also be the part of agriculture through selling our products in the farmers market?

21. Food delivering

You can take the crops and the veggies grown on your own farm and start to deliver it fresh to your own customers.

22. Bulk foodstuff wholesaling

Harvest the bulk crops like rice and wheat and can deliver it huge commercials and retailer shops.

23. Weed killing

Weeds are always a trouble to the farmers, you can supply a good quality of weed killing to the farmer.

24. Fruit canning

You can the fruits by yourself and deliver it to the food companies or your other customers.

25. Jam production

If you’re a fruit cultivator then make jam out of it and send directly to the retailer shops.

26. Juice production

When you can produce a variety of fruits in bulk quantity then start your own fruit business.

27. Meat production

Meat production has good scope in the food industry. So process the meat and deliver it to the food industries and restaurants.

28. Hatchery business

Buy chicken or duck eggs and begin your hatchery business in selling the eggs.

29. Flower production

Growing flower at our farm will also bring good growth in your business.

30. Spies production

Spices will not grow in all environment, but the demand is high. So start to grow spice with a preferred environmental condition.

31. Nut production

Make profit out of nuts. Grow nuts and dry fruits in your farm and sell it.

32. Organic farming

Many health centres and other eco-friendly organizations need organic food supplement. Start to do the organic gardening.

 33. Rabbit Raising

In your poultry, you can raise rabbits and sell it. Remember more instance care is required for rabbit raising.

34. Sustainable consulting farming

Instead of growing and harvesting, you can also provide a sustainable consulting for farming related ideas.

35. Worm farming

Worms are considered to as best fertiliser for the crops. Grow worms in the field and sell it to the farmers.

36. Agricultural rental equipment

Not all the equipment used in agriculture can be owned by a farmer. You can provide a renting service of the agricultural equipment.

37. Goat rentals

Goat mow can’t be gone by all landlords to provide a goat rental service for mowing their fields.

38. Shrimp farming

Shrimps and prawns are always required in more number in the market. Just like the fish farming the shrimps can be grown in ponds and sold later.

39. Christmas tree production

The requirement of the pine trees will be realized only during the Christmas season. Own a pine forest and sell Christmas trees to the market

40. Firewood production

In extremely cold regions the need of firewood is large. Start you firewood service in such places.

41. Seed supply

For any crop growing initial supply of the seed must be available. Take up the seed supplying business for the farmers.

42. Tea production

This is the most vibrant business in the hills. If you are planning to move to hill station then you can choose this option.

43. Oil production

Variety of oil is being taken from different seeds. Cultivate the oil-producing crops and enhance the oil production.

44. Potted plants

Many people buy potted plants like flower plants and some croutons for their house. You can grow the plants in a pot and sell to the customer.

45. Planting service

Landlords nowadays find difficult to get workers for planting the crops. Providing a planting service will be more beneficiary.

46. Farm sitting

When the farmer is on a travel or when some situation comes where a farmer cannot look at his field. You can take charge through farm sitting.

47. Wool production

The sheep wool is not that easy to get. And the sweaters made out of it is worth spending more. So raise the sheep and sell the wool.

48. Educational farming

One of the very interesting and best agriculture business ideas is educational farming. If you have many lands would like to help the students know more about farming. You can make them visit your farm field.

49. Pet zoo

Teach the visitor, how to raise a pet and the poultry animals by exhibiting your poultry and dairy farm.

50. Butterfly farming

To attract more gardening customers, then just grow the more charismatic flower to grab the butterflies and make your garden look more beautiful.

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