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5 Ways New Technologies are Helping Animals

Gadgets anoopnain 10 August 2018

Due to human activities, many species of animals have disappeared from the world which is a matter of concern for us. That’s why technological science has contributed a lot to help and protect animals. Through technology, not only wild animals but also pets can be helped. We have included the most useful and great techniques on our list which are being used recently for helping the animals. In this article, we have included 5 new and advanced technologies selected by our specialists which are working very well for animals. Continue reading for more information.


This technology has proved to be the most important and useful in helping animals. This is one of the advanced technologies which can provide a new direction to the animals. It is very helpful for both wild and pet animals. It is a very common thing that animals can also be victims of the accidents just like humans. As a result, during the accident, animals can also lose their limbs. Living life without any limbs is very difficult for everyone.

This technology has been developed to relieve animals from this type of problems. Replacement of animals’ limbs is possible due to this technology. As a result, those animals who suffer from the accident or who are crippled from birth can live a normal life again through prosthetics. High-tech materials are used to make artificial limbs. The materials are quite strong and flexible so that animals do not have any kind of problem. They can get artificial beak, feathers, tail, fins, and claws etc. Prosthetics technology has proved to be helpful for dolphins, dogs, cats, birds, turtles, and even elephants.

Microchip Implant (animal)

The microchip technology is considered to be the most useful technology for the animals. The chip is based on a passive RFID technology. It is almost the size of a large grain of rice. Due to the small size, the microchip is easily placed under the skin of a dog, cat, rabbit or other animals. The main reason for this technology being popular is that it plays an important role in the return of lost or missing animals. It transmits information. If the animal is lost or stolen by someone, with the help of this technology, they will be easily scanned. As a result, the information transmitted by the chip helps in the return of missing animals. This technique did not become popular in the beginning. However, its usage is increasing nowadays. According to the experts, approximately 3.5 million animals have received microchip transplants so far. This technology has proved to be helpful for countless animals in preventing disasters. It allows animals to roam freely.

Desalination Plants

Water is a natural resource without which life is not possible. The ecosystem is negatively affected due to the reduction in water quality and quantity. Over the last several decades, demand for clean water has increased due to human activities. Due to the lack of clean water, the life of marine creatures has most affected. That’s why desalination plants are used to help marine organisms. With the help of the desalination plant, salt is removed from the water. It means the desalination plant is helpful in making the water drinkable for marine creatures. Solar energy is used in this process. Finding water is also one of the biggest challenges for wild animals. As a result, many animals died due to lack of water. Therefore, filtered water holes have been provided to help wild animals. In the USA these plants have been used to develop food for pet animals also.

GPS (Global Positioning System)

This is one of the most useful and helpful technology for the animals. It determines every situation to protect animals. It tracks the thing that can cause damage and determines how rapidly it is moving towards them. GPS tracks everything by sending signals between 27 satellites. As a result, the animals feel safe through this technology. Generally, it is used in things such as cars to give directions. Recently this technology is being used in Nigeria-Cameron forests. In those forests, the GPS is being used to protect the gorillas from human activities or other dangerous accidents. On the other hand, the same technology is being used in Nepal for tracking the tigers. Also, zoo using it in the USA to track the rabbit for their indoor rabbit hutches. Thus it has proved important in saving animal species from extinction.


Texting technology is considered the most useful and advanced technology by the experts. This technology was first used on elephants. As you know, elephants are the beautiful and wonderful creature. But they can prove to be dangerous too. When they become victims of such a situation, they not only do a lot of harm but also can hurt themselves. Testing technology has proved to be important for preventing damage and protecting elephants. This technology was firstly used by Kenya. With the help of texting, the Kenya government achieved success in protecting both elephants and people from damage. This technology is very easy to use. SIM card is fitted with the animal collars just like a mobile phone. Whenever dangerous animals reach near the village or city then it sends warnings to people through text messages. The cards outline geographic boundaries also.

At the end of this article, we can say that with the help of the above technologies, we can protect animals from unwanted accidents and human activities. So, these technologies have certainly proved to be helpful for animals and we hope, this article will prove to be very helpful for you.