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5 Upcoming Business Technology Trends To Watch

Business tahir.it94 19 July 2018

There is nothing constant in the world of business and technology except for change. Both industries are heavily interlinked with each other and therefore influence the upcoming trends. However, taking a deeper look we can say that business organizations follow business technology trends. And most of the time we have seen technology change the face of the business arena. Consider the example of VR, it has revolutionized the whole concept of product launches and demonstrations for many companies. Because the competition is tough, no organization and entrepreneur wants to leave a stone un turned to find success. And technology is magical stone if turned in the right direction can skyrocket any business. Here we will talk about the emerging business technology trends organizations and entrepreneurs should watch in 2018 and beyond.

Single click payments:


First, it was about making payments digitally and now we have a whole lot of digital currencies. Though Bitcoin and other may be facing some charges technology can be seen providing a way for entrepreneurs for better and easy payments. Businesses that once accepted credit cards and thought it the latest trend, have now completely shifted to online and mobile payment solutions such as Paypal, Alipay, Apple Pay and Google Pay. There is a whole lot of litany of mobile payment solutions striking the business world. You can pay by just clicking a button and can send/receive online invoices too.

Business events leveraging VR, AR, and latest AV technologies:


Among one of the most useful tactics for business, promotion is business events. Smart organizations never let go to participate in any industry relevant event that could bring fruits towards their business. Technology makes participating and getting max ROI during business events extremely easy. Virtual reality, augmented reality and audiovisual technology are becoming seemingly useful for any organization participating in the trade show, seminar or conference. Audiovisual technology such as iPad has also changed business arena manifold.

However, increased prices of these latest gadgets may put a serious financial burden on small businesses. But, the corporate world has found a solution to this problem as well in form of technology rental organizations. A New York-based VR rental organization TabletHire.com reveals 50% increase in demand of virtual reality for business events.

Online conferences are on the rise:

Though physically participating in a conference brings a lot of benefits and business for an organization. Most business owners missed out on important conferences just because of time and distance constraints. Technology has solved this problem for every level of the company as well. Online conferences are on the rise in 2018. Now you only need a laptop, tablet or VR devices and an active internet connection to take part in any conference. The trend is actively backed by small and large scale businesses who are adopting it instantly.

IOT is shaping the new business era:

Internet of things is also paving new paths and enabling companies for new horizons in every aspect of the business. IOT enables businesses to effectively communicate leveraging the network connection in a better way. IOT opens hundreds of new paths for fortune companies to cater customer engagement, monitor business operations and processes, leverage and deploy automation in their world, make use of services like Big Data and enjoy benefits of embedded IT in the system.

Cloud is a turnkey:

Cloud is the savior of all businesses no matter big, small or even home-based. Approximately 93 percent of the businesses have been using cloud solutions one way or the other. It wraps everything and provides a better and scalable way to leverage technology in the business arena. Many companies are expected to completely adopt hosted solutions in coming years. The trend doesn’t slow down anyway and every type and scale of businesses are adapting to cloud computing solutions for their business.

There are other business technologies that are making huge impact in corporate world. However the upper described five technologies are rather newer and can provide extra benefits to companies.

Which technology in your opinion can prove to be a turnkey for the business arena in 2018? Let us know in the comments section.



Tahir Awan is an entrepreneur and mind behind Europe's largest Virtual reality rental organization Tablethire.com. Tahir loves to shares his views about business and technology. In 10 years career as an event planner and business technology strategist he has helped several companies to make it to Fortune 500 companies. Connect with Tahir socially to know more about him.