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5 Undeniable Proofs That Your Business Needs Fleet Management Software

Business Kavita Paliwal 26 February 2019

For a fleet owner, it is a cumbersome challenge when it comes to management of their commercial vehicles. Many factors pile on to the burden as well: changes in government mandates, market uncertainty, fluctuating prices, to name a few. So when a fleet management software comes into the picture, regulation of your fleet becomes an easier task in your business. But the important question is, how would you determine whether your business is in dire need of a fleet management software? Here are 5 undeniable proofs that your business needs a fleet management software:

Your paperwork has piled up drastically

Running a business is no easy feat. It is not a simple case of input vs output, it goes well beyond that. From finances to administration, every vertical needs to be taken care of and documented in an appropriate fashion. When fleet management is added to that, the amount of paperwork that comes with it increases exponentially. Employee logs, vehicle records, delivery rosters, maintenance archives, fleet reports are penned down and monitored regularly. However, if not catalogued properly, it entails your business to confusion and disarray. Further, you may experience the added risk of loss of documents due to negligence or human error.

If you find yourself in such situations repeatedly, then it is a sign that you must invest in a fleet management software, namely a vehicle tracking system. With a vehicle tracking system, you would be able to accumulate and access data pertaining to your fleet on one single platform, instead of rolling around in paperwork. A vehicle tracker provides you instant information about your fleet that is on the road, and about your vehicles that are in the warehouse. Metrics such as fuel consumption, engine health, idling, ignition on/off etc. would be provided, along with detailed analysis of the same.

You are unable to carry out timely deliveries

Advertising quicker deliveries than your competitors, but unable to follow through on the promise? Your business needs a vehicle tracking system as soon as possible. A major aspect of fleet management is knowing how and when your deliveries are taking place, and how you can optimize that. In an ideal world, the vehicle will leave from the warehouse with the consignment, follow exact directions and timeline and will reach its destination exactly on time. However, the reality is far from ideal. Drivers tend to make unscheduled stops, weather may be unpredictable, the driver may encounter more traffic than expected, or simply may get lost looking for directions, hence making the delivery reach much later than the scheduled time.

With a vehicle tracking system, your fleet management activities would allow you to exercise route optimization. The trip data that the vehicle tracker provides will help you in charting out the route that will take your cargo to reach the client in the shortest time possible while taking the shortest route possible. You can arrive at this conclusion by studying the given data and analyzing past trips taken. Also, you would be aware if your driver is making unsanctioned stops, or is deviating from the prescribed route, and take actions accordingly.

Your cargo goes missing sometimes

Loss of consignment is any business owner’s torment. And more often than not, the cause of missing cargo is theft. The theft is either carried out by the employees themselves, or outside entities. In both the cases, the ultimate loss is incurred by the fleet owner. The idea behind a fleet management software is to expand business and maximize profit. So if you want to be able to track down your missing shipment, and consequently minimize stealing, do spur on a vehicle tracking system.

A vehicle tracking systems enables you to constantly monitor the location and position of your shipment that is out for delivery. You would be able to track where you driver is at all times and would be aware of the exact loading and unloading times. Moreover, it will give you a chance to document when your delivery left the warehouse, and when it got delivered to the prescribed location. Along with that, in case your vehicle is intercepted by thugs while on the way, or is subject to robbery when the vehicle is unattended, the vehicle tracking system installed in your vehicle will send off triggers in the form of alerts to you so that you can take action accordingly. It also comes with a feature to turn off the ignition, lock the doors and roll up the windows of your vehicle remotely in case of any theft triggers automatically. Thus, if your business has fallen victim to misplaced shipment time and again, then you must install a fleet management software immediately.

Your fleet is subject to regular maintenance

Whether you own a commercial vehicle or a standalone machine, maintenance activities on the regular are a must to undertake. But as it happens, there will be times when you would not be able to identify when your machine is due for upkeep. The chain of events will look something like this: your machine will be overworked, it will break down without intimation, your operational process will stop and eventually there will be delay in production/shipment and the company will suffer huge losses. Luckily, there are pre-preemptive measures that you can take to be steps ahead of this problem. The best way to do that is a vehicle tracking system.

As your engine health declines, for example, a vehicle tracking system will send notifications to you regarding the current situation. Moreover, you would be able to track when each vehicle had undergone maintenance, and you can subsequently map out the next appointment. It will optimize fuel cost for you, since you can monitor the fuel consumption rate and appropriately take steps to manage your fuel.

Your drivers get routinely involved in accidents

If you are a fleet owner who is constantly receiving news of their vehicles getting involved in accidents, then a fleet management solution should be your way of mitigation. The major cause of accidents on the road happen due to negligent and rash driving. Since it is virtually impossible for you to be with each driver of your fleet on the road, it is imperative that you invest in a vehicle tracking system as soon as possible.

Other than keeping an eye on your vehicle, a vehicle tracking system also provides you with the benefit of keeping tabs on the speed at which your vehicle is being driven. Along with that, it will alert you in the event of rash driving by the driver. There may be stretches that are prone to accidents. With the help of a vehicle tracking system, you can map out the route your crew should take in order to avoid such stretches and deliver the consignment safely. Also, you would be immediately able to send aid and take other appropriate steps in case an accident takes place, since you would be instantly notified with a vehicle tracking system.

All in all, if your goal is to enhance the productivity of your business and rake in more profit, then it is high time that you invest in a vehicle tracking system.

Kavita Paliwal

Kavita Paliwal

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