5 Employee Tracking Apps for Android

Productivity is a serious concern for the employers you as time is equivalent to money for running any business. You must be able to utilize the employee’s time completely, for the sole purpose of working. This is the reason for installing the employee tracking apps on the work smartphones of your employees. The advantage of using these employee tracking apps become all the more important when the employees need to move a lot on the field and it becomes difficult to keep track on the location they are in and the exact nature of the work. The employers need to consider the ethical part of monitoring the activities of the employees and they must not stretch the activities a far too long like monitoring the employees even during the off hours. The employee tracking apps are available on both Android and iOS Operating system. This post will educate you on some of these employee tracking apps on the Android OS.

Employee Tracking Apps for Android

1. EyeOnField This is a free app that can be used to monitor your field representative, with the purpose of adding value to the business. It comes with better route visibility and real-time notifications to your field reps. So far as the real-time tracking of the rep is considered, this offers the best solution. If there is a new employee to be added to your organization, then it is added to the database in EyeOnField. It helps to track the employee check-in time and is capable of sharing important screenshots and pictures with the field employees. This brings the improved efficiency of the system. The app helps to automate your business and fetches higher ROI – investing your time in a better way. 2. HubStaff It acts a software on the desktop or the mobile app to track time so that your valuable time is devoted towards business growth. The employees who want to access how their employees are managing their activities and working hours. Hubstaff is the ideal Android-based app. It provides information on the time that is spent on a project along with the activity levels and the people who are working on; the project. This app has the ability to GPS or location monitoring, real-time tracking and activity monitoring. The app comes with a free trial version and offers the following advantages:
  1. Activities viewed for multiple employees
  2. Integration with project management system like Asana
  3. View the cost-factor for employees
  4. View the internet usage of employees
The internet usage of the employees will enable the app to track where the productive employees are actually spending time. The cost can be a factor that goes against buying this app, a $ 5 for each user per month. 3. LabourSync This Android-based app is multilingual and cloud-based that enables to track your employees from anywhere. The app will allow you to view the location sites where the employees are working, the check-in and check-outs and monitoring their \workday with an interactive map. Moreover, the app comes with automatic reports, with no need for paper timesheets. The reports are customized in nature and are based on time frame, job, and employee. You can view the time spent on a project. Furthermore, one device is sufficient to manage multiple employees. Another good feature is notifications can be sent to the employees on notes, schedule changes or probable meetings. 4. Time Sheet Mobile This is an Android-based app, that is easy to use and alerts the employer whenever an employee is away from the job site. It tracks employee location and time in real-time, from anywhere. It has a real-time syncing with employer portal that enables you to find where the employees are at a particular point in time. Moreover, it integrates with Quickbooks, an accounting software – importing the data into the app and this saves considerable time. It eliminates paper time sheet and the timesheet app allows online approval of employee timesheets. Furthermore, It ensures a seamless collaboration with the team, while on the job. The attendance of workers is monitored by the quick tap, punching in and out, while arriving or departing from the work location. It alerts the employers with an approaching overtime. 5. HoursTracker If you want to make time tracking a painless experience, then this is the right app that you must have. Some of the important features that Hours Tracker have are location awareness, filters, tags and alerts on expected time reached. Notifications can be sent for the arrival or the departure from a specific area. You can save time by ordering jobs from a distance. For the employees, the app will send an alert, after a stipulated number of hours, when it is time to leave.


There is no dearth of employee tracking app in the App Stores. But, the employer is advised to research extensively on the pros and cons of each of the above apps to arrive a fruitful decision.