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5 Banner Advertising Trends That Are Revolutionizing Offline Marketing

Business Stephen Charles 27 March 2018

Businesses are looking for the latest online ways of advertising their products and services. As digital marketing banner trend is the most popular form of advertising today, it brings with it a lot of competition. Although, digital marketing is creating a revolution in online advertising there are still some offline advertising banner trends that work better for some businesses.

One of them is banner advertising that is one of the traditional marketing tools. You might not know that still 35 percent of the customers come to know about a local business by seeing its sign.

Banners are one of the easiest and effective methods to promote your brand, events, and products.

In this post, we are listing some of the best banner advertising trends that are revolutionizing offline marketing.

Aluminum Banners:

Aluminum banners are widely used for offline advertising of products and services. They are made up of aluminum, which is lightweight and easy to carry. You can install the aluminum banners at any indoor or outdoor location. Being light in weight they are easy to carry anywhere and do not require a lot of manpower for installation. Aluminum banners are perfect for indoor use in shops, showrooms, restaurants and other businesses. When used in outdoor locations, they are weatherproof and do not get spoiled by heat and rainwater.


Bill Boards are similar to aluminum signs, but large in size. Billboards are specially designed for use in outdoor locations. Large images and bold text is used to display on billboards to catch the attention of people. Billboards are used at locations that receive a large volume of traffic daily, like bus stops, roundabouts, and public places. They are expensive than other banners and need skilled manpower for installation. Billboards continue to advertise your brand and offerings to prospective customers until you replace them.

Vinyl Banners:

Vinyl is a special kind of plastic material used to make vinyl banners. Vinyl banners are used for advertising at outdoor locations as they are weather resistant. They are foldable, easy to carry anywhere and can be easily installed at any location. Vinyl banners are cost effective and a perfect solution to advertise your products, services, and events without spending much.

Digital Signage:

Digital signage banners are also used for offline marketing. Digital displays are expensive than other banners but can be used to display multiple advertisements.  They are controlled by a content management system (CMS) from a single location. You can easily control and manage the advertisements to display any time by using a CMS. Digital signage is best for the restaurants and similar businesses that frequently change their advertisements such as the menu for meals, discount offers and special offers like off-season sale.

Site Signage:

Site signage banners are used especially by the builders, construction companies and other businesses at their construction sites. They are made of high-quality fiber material that is resistant to winds, rains, and harsh weather conditions. Site signage is also known as construction site signage and used to advertise an upcoming project to the prospective customers.

The top advantage of using banners for offline marketing of your business is that they come in all sizes and can be easily customized to your advertising needs. Moreover, they are cost effective as compared to other marketing tools. Once installed, they continue to advertise your business, brand, products or services until you replace them.


Stephen Charles

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