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10 B2B Marketing Research and Trendy Strategies

Business seemamehra624 26 October 2018

Traditional B2B marketing programs tend to be direct but the changing business environment and audience mindset require that a more holistic approach be adopted. Modern-day B2B marketing research and strategies must target the potential customer from all possible avenues so that they do not miss the message of your organization. In today’s digital age a potential buyer takes help of traditional methods as well as modern techniques like surfing the internet to search for professional solutions. Let’s take a look at some useful B2B marketing strategies that can add immense value to your current approach of addressing prospective clients.

1. Conduct Comprehensive Research Of Target Audience

An organization must conduct a comprehensive research to understand the thinking process and behaviour pattern of the target audience as well as to assess the prevalent marketing conditions. This analysis will provide the foundation on which the marketing plan can be based along with the parameters that can be used to compare your results. It is essential that entrepreneurs turn the lens on their own organizations to evaluate the efficacy of their current processes which will help them in identifying the changes necessary for improving the productivity of their marketing strategy. Latest technological tools and practices must be employed to conduct a scientific research so that the data generated can be used to create an efficient plan.

2. Discard Generalized Approach For Niche Targeting

Many business owners believe that a generalized approach helps them in addressing a wider audience which in turn betters the chance of generating more leads. The earlier this thinking is discarded the better as more and more buyers are looking for specialists who can provide them with accurate solutions. Specialization in a particular area of your industry will be helpful in targeting a niche audience which though limits the number of potential clients but improves your chances of cornering the market in the domain and emerging as the leader.

3. Adopt A Personalized Approach Towards Marketing

Personalization is essentially a B2C marketing tactic that has yielded good results for merchants in that segment and the same strategy can be used by B2B operators to augment their user base. Business owners can refine the strategy by moving ahead from simply using the name of a prospective client in promotional emails and creating personalized content based on information about the target audience. The content must also be developed keeping the demographic details like gender, age, social profile etc. of the potential user in mind so that it resonates well with them.

4. Tap Existing Clients Through Advocacy Programs

The existing userbase of your enterprise can also prove to be immensely valuable in attracting new customers. Most companies simply ask their satisfied clients to provide feedback in the form of testimonials which is used in promotional campaigns but this does not fully exploit the potential of the customer base. Create advocacy programs which encourage clients to share their experiences on multiple platforms in return for suitable rewards. Once they start talking about your organization in a positive tone on avenues like social media networks, they will start building a positive image of your business among their friends and followers.

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5. Invest In An Effective Website

In today’s world driven by technology where the instinctive reaction of a person looking for a solution is to log on to the internet, the website can be a very potent tool for marketing. In fact, a website is one of the most important components of B2B marketing research and strategies which can be used for not only providing basic information about your company but also in building up its image and reputation among prospective customers. Create a website which contains information about your products and services in addition to providing solutions and other knowledgeable content about your area of expertise.

6. Do Not Ignore SEO And Mobile-friendliness

Creating a website is only half the job and business owners must undertake search engine optimization (SEO) to improve its visibility among the target audience. Identifying the most relevant keywords and optimizing the content of the website whether text, images or videos according to them is a mandatory practice to make your organization appear among the top search results related to your domain. At the same time, invest in a responsive design for the website so that it can be easily used by mobile users. Ignoring SEO and mobile-friendliness can be detrimental for a business and a modern B2B marketing strategy is incomplete without them.

7. Harness The Power Of Social Media

Social media networks have grown into large platforms which are being used by people not only for connecting with friends and family members but also for business purposes. Create the profile of your brand as well as yourself and other experts associated with the organization on all major networks and use them to not only provide useful information but also to interact with people to attract them towards your business.

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8. Advertise On Digital Platforms

The deep levels to which technology has penetrated into human lives has made it essential to all commercial organizations to use digital platforms for advertising. Use search engines like Google, social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. to display advertisements for your enterprise taking care that they appear on relevant pages related to your industry.

9. Cultivate Influencers To Spread The Word

In the past few years, a trend has emerged where individuals called influencers who possess expertise in a particular domain and have a considerable following in social media are asked to market a product a service. Influencer marketing can benefit B2B merchants also and once they are convinced about the high standard of your service, they will help in spreading the word about it among their followers.

10. Implement Marketing Automation At Your Enterprise

Business owners can improve the efficiency of their organization by implementing marketing automation techniques which will simplify many processes such as email and content marketing, SEO and lead nurturing. Enterprises must invest in a customer relationship management system that will prove to be of great value in organizing and managing client information.


B2B marketing and research strategies must be constantly monitored and evaluated at regular intervals to keep them in complete synchronization with evolving market conditions and ensuring that they remain productive for the enterprise.



Seema Mehra is a Chartered Accountant at Ashok Maheshwary & Associates, top audit companies in India that provides accounting services in india in a convenient manner. She is a professional writer and loves to share Financial related topics.