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You can write you blog/content/article in any of these different categories – Entertainment |Motivation | Business | Food and Recipes | Fashion | Health and Fitness | Entrepreneurship | Startup | Tech Update | Gadgets Review | Finance | Politics |Information and Facts | Education and Knowledge | Real Stories | Poem |Others


Yes, we do have guidelines for you. We really wish you to share some informative contents on our Page which may truly help our readers/audience, however; we have certain common guidelines which every blogger need to follow to make sure that we all are forwarding towards our genuine posts.

  1. Content shared or posted must be 100% original and must not have been published anywhere else before or after publishing it on our page. No copy paste would be treated acceptable and you must remember to keep it self-written.
  2. Must be written in a way that I must be unique and interesting too so as to attract more and more readers.
  3. If by any chance you are using or adding any third party images or videos, it’s you who would be responsible for any such copyright claims (if occurs) and we would not be responsible to answer to the said third party on your behalf in any circumstances.
  4. Your content should be a minimum of 800 words and must have at least one image with a minimum of 1000*445 pixels resolution.
  5. Use at least two headings or sub headings in your blog/content.
  6. We won’t be paying you anything for your content/blog contribution.
  7. Linking a Link:

    You are allowed to add your website or your personal blog’s link but only in the author bio section. You may also add your social media link in the same section. Please note that you are not allowed to add any such links in the shared post/article and if any such link (irrelevant ones) would get found in the article, it will get removed buy us without any prior notice to you in any form.
    However; if adding links in the articles would be required for you promotion, you may do so by paying a convenience fee of $5 for each such links getting added in the content/article got shared, with the life time validity.

    Steps to get started:

    Let’s Get Started: If you want to submit your article/blog on Taaza Tadka, we request you to send us an email on contributor@taazatadka.com

    Attachments Needed:

    Attachments not to be missed: Please submit your article/blog only in the MS-Word format. Attach minimum of one image of 1000*445 or more pixels resolution in the mail.

    Include following details for the author bio:

    Author Bio Section: Please include followings details on the said section without fail.

    • Your Profile Picture and your Display Name.
    • A minimum of 2-3 sentence description of yourself.
    • Your website or personal blog link.
    • Some of your earlier written article links.
    • Social Media (Facebook, twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, Linkedin, Reddit, MySpace, etc) links.
    • For any further query you may have, please feel free to reach us at our email-id.
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