10 Millionaires and Billionaires Who Fall Back Down From Rich To Poor

We are going to tell you about those millionaire and billionaire who fall back down and became poor from the rich overnight.


These 10 Millionaires and Billionaires Who Went From Rich To Poor:

When in life you get everything you want to get and suddenly everything goes away. This is very painful for everyone; it does not matter if it is poor or rich. We are going to tell you about those millionaire and billionaire who became poor from the rich overnight. Many of them who want to be rich overnight done many of illegal duties which is not good for their business and hence they fall badly.

1. Alberto Vilar

Alberto Vilar rich to poor top 10 list

He is one of the millionaires who fall badly when his business is high on peak and His Company worth is estimated $1 billion dollars. Alberto Vilar and his friend Gary Tanaka co-founded the firm; Amerindo, in 1979 and he lose everything in 2000 stock market tragedy.

Although his luck is not working, after some year in 2008 he was convicted in wire fraud, investment advisory fraud money laundering and in many types of cases. He is a great art lover. He also gives lavish donation in art organization or opera companies. But this money is not of his hard work. He is donating stolen money which he and his partner stole from other for his humanitarian quota. He was sentenced to jail for 9 year and his partner for 5 year on February 5, 2010.

In 2012, both were released on bail for their pending bail. But this time also their fortunes are not with them they were sentenced for 9 year to 10 year.

2. Kim Dotcom


He was an owner of $200 million. But got stacked by pirated movie scene which is uploaded in his mega upload’s server. In this case, he was trapped in such a way that the government seized all his property at the moment.

He was the owner of most expensive house in New Zealand,the scene was not less than a Hollywood movie when the police raided his house. His case is under the judgement in these days.

3. Scott Eyre

Scott Eyre-10-list-rich-to-poor

Scott Eyre is a left handed baseball pitcher. He played his carrier’s 12 best seasons for Phillies, White Sox, Giants, Cubs & Blue Jays He is a very good baseball pitcher but not good in his finances.

He earned over $17 million in his whole carrier but he lost his all money in friends and family’s bad investment idea and scams. He became bankrupt and At last he had only $13 in his saving account.

4. Bjorgolfur Gudmundsson


He was a billionaire of Iceland his worth was $1.1 billion before he and his son Thor got trapped in credit crisis. They are also involved in fraud and appropriation scheme by this he was legally broken himself.

His case completed in 450 counts and after this, they were sent to jail for just 12 months. After the case he had a chance to rebuild his empire in Russia but Iceland wants his money back from him. Now he is totally bankrupt by $0 net worth.

5. George Foreman

George Foreman-10-list-rich-to-poor

He is a famous boxer who earned $250 million before he fell down. He is in his bankruptcy when he is 45. He is a gold medallist of Olympics held in Mexico City. He also fights some of the greatest matches ever. He also fights with the legend Mohammad Ali.

Luckily his grill business started well and he was saved to be a bankrupt. You can see his grills in every North America house.

6. Sean Quinn

Sean Quinn-10-list-rich-to-poor

He is the richest person of Ireland in 2008 and in 2011 he gets bankrupt. At that time his net worth is around $6.5 billion and overnight he became a debtor of $4 billion. He does not fell down ever if he did not invest his family’s entire wealth in an Irish bank, before 2008 financial crisis. This step collapses him under the depth of billion dollars. He also tries to build his empire again with some illegal ways but he was sentenced to jail by Irish high court for 9 week. Now he is finding the way from where he again rebuilt his business empire.

7. Allen Stanford

Allen Stanford-10-list-rich-to-poor

Stanford is genius his net worth $2 billion. No one knows from where Stanford getting of this money. He is very big con who was taking people for money. Now he was sentenced to federal penitentiary for 110 years for defrauding his investors for more than $7 billion.

His distinction was open when he stats spending huge amounts of investor money for his lavish lifestyle, penthouse, private jets and mansions. He was also fined for S13 billion with imprisonment

8. Jordan Belfort


In 20s his net worth is $250 million which he earned only in a year. Millions of man can’t see this amount in their entire life. Compare to Stanford his is very lucky. Court sends him prison only for 2 year with forfeiture of every single dollar he have and every property in his name. Because of court decision he is still in depth of millions of dollar. Now he is a motivational speaker and trying to pay all his borrowing.

9. MC Hammer

MC Hammer 10 list rich to poor

He is a great rapper. He is from poor family. He earned $33 million from his hit album in 1990s. His biggest reason for his bankrupt is that he spent money faster than he earned and ranked himself in the rank of that rapper who went broke like him. His famous stunt of spending money is when he bought two private helicopters for his boss and for himself.

He did not hire any of accountants for take care of his money In 2011 he reported he pay tax to IRS of $800,000.

10. Chai Mei Juan

Chai Meijuan-beauty-to-poor-10-list-rich-to-poor

This woman is selling sauces after her bankruptcy to surviving of the family. She is a rich wife his husband’s house is in Jiang-shan city. He is in real estate business. Her family is famous for his prosperity. They have many of villas and cars. With some reason her family was bankrupt. Now she stands up for her family and started a sauce business.

Chai Mei Juan said,

“My goal is to buy authentic ingredients, so that customers can be satisfied with the satisfaction of my brand”