Why Twitter Users are Trolling KRK & Quest His Son’s Gender (#sec 377)

Why Twitter Users are Trolling KRK & Quest His Son's Gender (#sec 377)

For any of the celebrities, mandatory thing is to maintain their controversial status. Some celebrities actually sometime feel proud to flash into news update due to their controversy. Kamal Rashid Khan– one of the name in the entertainment world always tend to be in a controversy. Many of the times he tweeted or posted things on social media like twitter. In the most of the cases Kamal Rashid Khan got trolled by the twitter users. Recently twitter users are started trolling him after one of his tweet.

After tweeting his tweet he faced many questions from the twitter users about his 2o years old son Faisal Khan. Many people even started calling his son impotent. You are thinking what was the overall matter. Let us see the exact things what happened;

Dec 24, 2018 a Tweet of Kamal Rashid Khan:

As Kamal Rashid Khan explained how about his son’s sincerity and characters. He told a surprising thing that, his son is not even knowing any of the girl. Once his tweet was posted, tweeter users were started trolling him.

Some hilarious trolling replies of the twitter users on KRK’s tweet:

1. Please don’t make him like you:
2. What was the mistake of his son?
3. He is into boys:
4. Act 377:
5. Gay ?
6. Like You?
7. Only you can save Shahrukh Khan
8. Rakhi Sawant Class
Damn sure, you’ve started laughing now. But never forget this guy is nobody else but KRK and nothing surprising for him (may be). Well, KRK it was really very interesting tweet by you but still our well wishes with your son for his social life.

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