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Vastu Tips for Commercial and Residential Place about Wall Paintings

Vastu Shastra is the collaboration of art, astrology, astronomy, and science. It plays a vital role in every person's life.

Everyone has beautiful, refreshing, and memorable wall paintings in their homes or workplaces. Our subconscious mind commands more than 90% of our actions and choices, and wall paintings or pictures leave a strong impact.

Scenic beauties in bedrooms, pictures of our late family members in worship rooms, etc. are the typical wall paintings that we often have in our homes or workplaces. However, it is said that these paintings should be placed according to Vastu rules. Doing this keeps us positive, motivated, and protected from negativity around us.

The following information covers the essential information about Vastu, and a few Vastu tips that you must follow while hanging the paintings, for keeping your home or office safe from negativity.

Vastu Shastra: The Orientation of energy around you

Vastu Shastra is the collaboration of art, astrology, astronomy, and science. It plays a vital role in every person’s life. It is crucial to abide by the Vaastu rules for protecting our homes or offices from the negative energies.

In other words, it is considered as the ancient mysterious craftsmanship for creating and designing. It is believed that lives become better by following Vastu rules, and it also helps keep us safe from anything wrong or negative.

Wall paintings in homes or workplaces also affect the Vastu. Each picture or painting should be put in a specific position. For instance, we should hang the pictures of our late ancestors on the southern walls only. Similarly, other kinds of wall paintings or pictures have different specific positions.

Emission of right energies is critical for any home or office to become a positive place. Hence, for bringing success and harmony in your workplace or home, it becomes vital to follow these Vastu rules while hanging a picture at your home or workplace. Therefore, to avoid any adverse effects on your life, you should never skip the points defined by Vastu.

Vastu Tips for Wall Paintings

  • Leaving the front wall empty while entering the house is a symbol of loneliness. Hence, you can place any picture that gives you strength or motivation. A simple quote written in that picture would suffice.
  • The worship room in the home or office should be in the east corner, center of the house, or the north-east corner. Besides, for hope and accomplishment, pictures of god in the worship room should be facing east.
  • The bedroom should never be the place for putting pictures of god. Furthermore, paintings that depict negativity like violence or death should never be placed.
  • Place any sigil of your respective god on the entry gate or above the entrance. As per Vastu Shastra, it helps to keep evil, spirits, and black eyes away from the home or office.
  • Furthermore, for your children’s room, paintings like rivers, mountains, sunrise, or a running horse should be placed in the East direction as per Vastu. Also, ensure that it is the east direction in which your children keep their heads while sleeping.

General Vastu Tips

  • It would be great if you do not put too bright scenic wall paintings for decorating the West, South West, or Southside of the walls.
  • South walls are considered best for the pictures of the people who have passed away. You should never put them in worship rooms.
  • Pictures of living beings should be placed on the eastern walls.
  • Wall pictures that depict anger, violence, poverty, depression, battles, struggle, etc. should be avoided as these things negatively impact our behavior.
  • Pictures like laughing Buddha, sunrises, oceans, waterfalls, mountains, etc. are ideal for bringing harmony and peace at homes and offices. Hence, try to fill up the walls with these pictures. It leaves a positive impact on anyone who sees them.
  • Furthermore, according to Vastu, receiving a metallic laughing Buddha from someone is considered alright. Hence, feel free to put it in your office or home.
  • Another thing that is considered suitable for homes is painting mountains in the south direction at the entrance.
  • South-west corner of your bedroom or living room is considered perfect for putting positive paintings, as it induces peace and purity.
  • As per Vastu, for achievements like awards, certificates, and trophies, the south direction is considered the best.

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