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Things to consider when searching for an IT Startup office space.

Finding a good office for your startup is a daunting task. Read the blog to know some things to consider before choosing your first IT startup office.
Business ged.delivered 27 January 2020
Things to consider when searching for an IT Startup office space.

Finding A Good Office For Your Startup Is A Daunting Task. Read The Blog To Know Some Things To Consider Before Choosing Your First IT Startup Office.

Wandering for office space? You probably might have visited many apartments and buildings to find your best fit. But have you sat down and noted what kind of space you are actually looking for?

Getting a perfect office space is indeed a daunting task, as being at the very initial phase of your business, money is what would act as a killing factor behind most of your decisions. 

As a new owner of your business, you want your people to have a very authentic and worth working workspace that they would look forward to every morning to come and work at.

Getting your own commercial space is quite an exciting step to take into the career of any IT individual as this is where you will see your dreams getting fulfilled and your business getting bigger. 

For all such office hunters, below is a checklist and some major considerations for your new office space that you should surely check out before jumping to any decision.

  • Good Area

Yes, the first thing you should think before starting your search is the area that you are choosing to get a good office. 

There are many reasons why the area you select matters the most, firstly the money thing. Yes, most of the real estate prices depend on the location you select, as the prices might get high for the posh area compared to the other averagely popular places. 

Secondly, the area you choose for your office will also decide its accessibility. Like it should be safe and have a transport facility nearby for your employees and clients to reach your place easily.

  • Small functional aspects 

Once you are done with the area you select, the next thing you need to focus on is how well you create the space allocated to you and how can you utilize the smallest area or square feet to make it more functional and attractive. 

Make sure you have some natural sunlight coming in, try to have big windows to have an amazing view while working all day long. Also, place the bulb lighting set up such that it doesn’t hinder the people working on their systems all day long. Along with the lighting, try to make the furniture that has multiple usages and is flexibly foldable is any formation that you would like it to use.

Like a desc or an eating table, using these foldable furniture hacks can make your office looks smarter and more comfortable.

  • Color combination 

The colors that you keep does affect the moods of the people sitting over there. Like corporate offices are often seen to be having some dull colors that eventually affects the productivity of the people working in the office.

Make your office interior exciting, use the colors that ignites the desire to do something new every day. Imprint some motivational and team building quotes on your office walls. Have a recreational area for the people to spend their breaks and have some fun out of their work hours. 

If you can’t afford to have a big space for your office to have such refreshment areas, try and bring some small indoor games for your employees to have fun. These small things can surely help you create a good working culture in your office.

  • Easily reachable food areas

The next thing that you need to focus on before selecting your office is the availability of the food stalls, restaurants, and refreshment areas. Your employees might feel like having a team lunch or dinner together, having such areas nearby will make it easy for them to plan such events.

Also, it will be helpful for you to have some client meetings out of the office without wasting much time to travel to different parts of the city. 

  • Parking facility

After food, the next thing that comes is the parking facility. Your company might have thousands of employees with time, they all might be commuting to the office with their vehicles.

Make sure you choose the office that has a good parking facility to park their cars and other vehicles. This facility must be free for all the employees working in the specific apartment building with the facility of the guards keeping the safety of each of the vehicles and its proper arrangement.

  • Legal requirements

Finally, when you are satisfied with all the above requirements, the final thing you need to consider is taking some legal steps carefully. Make sure the place you are taking is legal and is free from any negative impression. 

Ask for the opinion of the people already owning the office in the same apartment. Done sign any documents without professional consent. Seek help from startup consulting services to guide you through the right steps with their experience in the field. Once you have checked with all the legal terms and clauses, make two copies of the document to share one with the owner and keep one with yourself.


Summing Up 

You and your employees are going to spend one-third of their life in the cubicle that you will choose to make your office, so make sure you invest a good amount of time in getting the best place. 

Find a space that could accommodate your team better and also keep in mind the future needs of your business so that you don’t need to worry about this aspect of your business every now and then. 

Choosing the right workspace while considering the above factors will surely have some positive impact on the future growth of your business.