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QuickBooks Desktop File Doctor – Fix Company File and Network Errors

When opening the company file, if you faced difficulty in accessing this file, then instantly install the QuickBooks Desktop File Doctor.
QuickBooks Desktop File Doctor – Fix Company File and Network Errors

The QuickBooks desktop file doctor is useful for fixing the connection bus, network issues, windows related errors, update issues, corruption in company data files, and many others. It can catch many errors existing in the system, and also fix them with a few clicks.

To get started, it scans the company file. After that, it looks for the errors that frustrate the user. Finally, it repairs these bugs as soon as it detects them. This tool is quite easy to access. Users are a fan of this tool as it is quite easy to run as well. QB users can access it anytime for scanning their files and resolving the bugs as soon as they encounter them in the QB application.

The file doctor QuickBooks was released in 2012. It was released after merging two previously famous tools: The Network Diagnostic Tool and Company File Diagnostic Tool. These two were meant to perform different functions. Hence, users have to install both for fixing different types of errors.

Bugs Fixed By QuickBooks file doctor

When opening the company file, if you faced difficulty in accessing this file, then instantly install QuickBooks desktop file doctor. It can help you get rid of these types of errors:

  • 6000 series errors
  • Network errors
  • Installation errors
  • Updating QuickBooks Errors
  • Firewall Issues
  • Multi-mode usage bugs
  • Damaged company files
  • Corrupt windows registry
  • Damaged data file errors.
  • The system under malware attack
  • The Qb database server manager related bugs
  • Unable to open the QB company file
  • H series Errors
  • Missing/ blank vendor/ employee list.

Things To Note When Working In QuickBooks desktop file doctor

To get the best out of the QuickBooks desktop file doctor, one must know these points about the tool. Hence, bear these facts in mind before getting started with file doctor QuickBooks.

  1. Firstly, the user has to uninstall the previous tool before downloading the latest version of the same tool.
  2. The different versions of accounting software that were released after 2015 have the file doctor QuickBooks preinstalled in them. Hence, make sure you install the tool externally as well.
  3. One must note that this tool is available only for the QB application meant for windows users. It is not compatible with the MAC QB application. You may have to get in touch with QB experts for instant resolution of the bugs that you might be facing on your system.
  4. The file doctor QuickBooks can pop up on its own and ask for functioning if it detects some bugs. Hence, go to the start button and let the tool complete its task. The bugs will get easily resolved.

Various Types Of The QB desktop file doctor

  • The QuickBooks desktop file doctor is available as a stand-alone version too. It is used by the server and only the database server manager is installed in the software. The DSM lets the software host a file.
  • Apart from that, the other tool available comes attached to 2016 and beyond versions of the QB application.

Things To Note: In-Built file doctor:

  • One must note that the in-built tool is available for a few countries. For instance, Canada, The USA, and The UK version of the QB application have in-built file doctor QuickBooks.
  • Apart from that, this tool can also be used for repairing network issues. For that, the QB software has to be installed in the system.
  • Also, it is used for repairing data and files. In such cases though, the installation of the QB application doesn’t matter.
  • The file doctor QuickBooks is workable with Windows 7/ 8/ 10/ and server 2003-12.
  • If the NET Framework 2.0 isn’t available in the system, then the tool can itself install it via the diagnostic tool.

We hope this comprehensive guide on file doctor QuickBooks will help you get the best out of this tool. You can also reach out to the error support team for learning ways of using the QuickBooks file doctor tool.