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How To Fix “Unfortunately App Has Stopped” Error On Android

Hello friends, today we come back with amazing and cool trick & tips. you all are using android mobile. if you have used Android mobile then this article is very useful for you. android is a very popular operating system. android is customizable, work perfectly, and easy to use with all application. Any time you levels a different subject like download failure, modernizing error and unusual time application are suddenly stopped saying “Unfortunately App Has Stopped” and much more. so, today we discuss How To Fix “Unfortunately App Has Stopped” Error On Android. also check temple run 2 and subway surfer mod.

There is one error for advance android owner user. some time android mobile hanging up and show to much more error. so, today we discuss How To Fix “Unfortunately App Has Stopped” Error On Android. this error looks like “Unfortunately <App Name> Has Stopped. if you see this type of error after you must be forcefully stopped or close this application. So, today we share the best and amazing trick for this type of error. we provide the best solution. we share How To Fix “Unfortunately App Has Stopped” Error On Android easily with step-by-step guidelines provide. so, you read carefully this article. if you have any question then directly ask me in the comment box. we will try to help you. let’s start to discuss How To Fix “Unfortunately App Has Stopped” Error On Android. check out google play store not working and recover all data on Android.

Method To Fix “Unfortunately App Has Stopped” Error

1) Clear Cache and Clear Data

Clear cache and data are a highly used for fix error. cache and data is a storage location where data is stored. cache is the fastest storage device. so, if you clear cache data for an application, there is the best possibility that issue should be fixed. just follow the step for involving in this method.

  • Go to, system setting on android mobile
  • After then, click on the application.
  • Scroll down and find an app and click on it.
  • Now, click storage option.
  • Now, you will find two option “CLEAR CACHE” and “CLEAR DATA“. So, simply click on “CLEAR CACHE” and if you want to reset app then click “CLEAR DATA”.
  • That’s it and Fix “Unfortunately App Has Stopped” Error.

2) Uninstall and reinstall or update application

You can try to uninstall and install the application when you see “Unfortunately App Has Stopped” Error. reinstalling app is similar to clear cache and clear data but it is time complex. just follow step for this method.

  • Go to, system setting.
  • After, click the application manager.
  • Select the application that is showing an error message.
  • Click on the uninstall app.
  • After the reinstall of an app. so, go to google play store.
  • Search for the application and download it.
  • Download complete and install it.
  • That’s it and Fix “Unfortunately App Has Stopped” Error.

3) Update application (if an update is available)

Sometimes, it has also fine error is showing because an app is not updated. update application solves the error message problem. so, you can try to update application when you see Unfortunately App Has Stopped” Error remove using lucky patcher app.

  • Go to, google play store.
  • After click right side click and click on my apps & games.
  • And click update button where you want.
  • That’s it and Fix “Unfortunately App Has Stopped” Error.

4) Install an older version of an app

Sometimes, your android mobile is not supported high version application. for example, your mobile phone version is 2.3 and application are supported start to 2.5 android version so it supports your mobile but with a problem like an error message, hanging mobile and more problem faces.so, you can download old version application from the internet. you can not find the old version on google play store so, download compulsory from the internet. if you have Fix “Unfortunately App Has Stopped” Error then this method try and solve your problem. that’s it and Fix “Unfortunately App Has Stopped” Error.

5) Factory reset your mobile

Reset your all mobile data, all information, download application and such all setting are fully reset but you can backup your data, information, Ome TV App and all before resetting your mobile phone. just follow the step on how to reset the mobile phone.

  • Go to, system setting.
  • After, scroll down and click on backup and reset button.
  • Once you click backup and reset button after other option will appear.
  • Now. click factory data reset.
  • Note: First at you can backup your all data, all information, application, account, and such all thing create a backup file.
  • That’s it and  Fix “Unfortunately App Has Stopped” Error.


So, these are some method using you can  Fix “Unfortunately App Has Stopped” Error. I hope your problem solve now. This is a best and amazing method for a solution “Unfortunately App Has Stopped” Error. If you have any type of issue and problem then ask me in the comment box. We will try to help you. enjoy and using these method Fix “Unfortunately App Has Stopped” Error On Android. keep smiling.