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How to Correctly Clean Your Brushes for a Healthy Skin

Fashion Mike Jones 16 January 2018

Every Seasoned Makeup Lover Knows How Important Brushes Are In The Application Process. While It Is True That Your Fingers Will Always Be The Best

Every seasoned makeup lover knows how important brushes are in the application process.  While it is true that your fingers will always be the best multipurpose tools and some formulas indeed do work better with this technique, having a few extra tricks under your sleeve never hurts. In fact, if you’re a fan of heavier, glam makeup, then you surely know that having all the right items for it is vital for the end result.

By now, you most likely now what the makeup tools fundamental for a seamless application are. But do you know when and how to clean them correctly? The essential part is doing it often enough so that the leftover product in them doesn’t damage your skin. If you’re someone who enjoys putting on their war paint daily, then you should definitely wash your brushes at least once a week.

Clean Your Brushes Often

Many people avoid cleaning their brushes often because they fear that repeated exposure to moisture will damage the bristles. However, the exact opposite is true, provided that the tools you are using are high-quality ones. According to makeup artist Ashleigh Ciucci, the process helps prolong the life of the brush and makes for a flawless application as well.

Since most of them are porous, powder and cream products cling to it. This damages them over time and leads to blotchy, unblended makeup looks as well. This is why world-famous artists and brand owners such as Bobbi Brown wholeheartedly recommend washing yours at least twice a month, especially those used around the eye area.

Furthermore, according to dermatologist Julie Russak, dirty brushes lead to clogged pores because you are spreading leftover makeup and bacteria on your face each day. This causes breakouts and even acne in people with sensitive skin. And the worst-case scenario is represented by skin diseases, which is why you need to disinfect your tools regularly to maintain a healthy complexion.

What You Will Need

Now that we’ve established when you should do it, it’s time to learn the ‘how’ behind the entire process. Don’t fret, it’s really easy. Here is everything you will need.

  • Warm water. It’s important for the water to be just right.  If it’s too hot, it can damage the tool, and if it’s too cold it won’t remove excess product well enough.
  • Brush cleanser or soap. Naturally, a special solution made specifically for this works best. But if you don’t have the budget for it, a mild soap will do just fine.
  • A towel. It will get stained in the process, which is why it’s recommended to use an old one you have lying around the house.
  • A place to dry. A counter works best, but if you want to speed up the process you could place them on your room heater. Be careful not to leave them on there for too long, though.

How to Do It

It’s more than obvious from the short list of items above that the process isn’t a complicated one at all. Thus, if you want to ensure that your skin stays healthy and breakout-free, here’s what you need to do.

First, wet your brushes under lukewarm water. To apply the cleanser, put a drop in the palm of your hand and use gentle motions to massage it into the bristles. After all the dirt is gone, rinse the tool and squeeze any excess water with a towel of your choice.

Now it’s time to reshape the fibers. Place it to dry with them hanging off the surface you chose so that they regain their form in the process. Never place a towel or napkin underneath them because mildew might develop in their pores over time.

If you have the money to invest in an extra item that will help reduce the necessity for regular disinfecting, then a makeup removing sponge such as the Vera Mona Color Switch is great. In addition, such a tool also allows you to use the same brush for applying multiple colors of powder products without fearing that they will get mixed or muddled.


Cleaning your makeup brushes regularly is essential for their longevity and a flawless application of any eyeshadow, foundation or powder you choose to put on your face. Furthermore, it even helps with fighting acne and preventing skin health problems in the long run. To achieve these benefits, you will need to wash your tools at least twice a month, if not weekly.

Both dermatologists and makeup artists stress the importance of a proper washing. And the best thing about it is that it’s not a complicated process at all. Depending on how many you own, it will take you maybe half an hour tops, which is very little time to spend when you consider the benefits it has.

Mike Jones

Mike Jones

Mike Jones became interested in skincare shortly after discovering its anti-aging benefits. Also, his curiosity regarding fashion and beauty comes from his mother and sister, with whom he lived for almost 25 years.