Collegekhabri: Helping Hand and Career Counseling Partner for Students

We are collegekhabri, we help students find a better career path. We provide end to end career counselling services for them till online counselling with counsellor analytics.
Startup: Collegekhabri
Name: Avinash seth
Email: [email protected]
Designation: Co Founder & CTO
Founder Name: Arshi Khan
Founder Year: 2016
Country: India
Investor Detail: Bootstra5
Contact Detail: (798) 716-8352

We are collegekhabri, we help students find a better career path. Usually a student is not clear and get confused about their career choice so we help with career counselling not only students their parents too as in India the decision of choosing a career is taken by family.

We provide end to end career counselling services for them till online counselling with counsellor analytics.

CHOICE-FILLING WITH EXPERT- Give step by step guidance during counselling time. 

 Does proper choice- filling , according to Student  ranks for their dream college. 

DOES ANALYSIS – We do student profile and application form assessment as well as college cutoff analysis.

For a new startup the biggest challenge is to get  infrastructure for few months I worked from home ,team , tech support and financial assistance

So we decided to start from tier 2 city as it is easy to get office and manpower in low cost 

We started hiring college interns in order to add more young minds,to start our work but still technology was a major problem so i decided to have partners and started searching for a tech guy

Finally for technology, we found Avinash Seth our technology geek who helped us found tech solution to our problem.

How did you come up with the idea and what was the Eureka moment?

My father was my backbone he was a keen supporter he gave me full freedom of choosing my career and used to guide me . But after his death, there was no body to guide me, I asked a few of my  friends and made a decision to go for engineering after a year I realised this is not the thing what I wanted to do, so I dropped engineering and i even realised a lot of students face this as a problem of choosing a wrong career .

Even there are lots of students they are eligible for top colleges even if they don’t know how to get into it.So i came up with this idea of bringing all these services for students together

How did you build the core team (co-founders and initial employees) – How did you meet and how did everyone align to the idea? What is the total team size?

I started this counselling business with the aim of helping students, after doing business for good 12 months,  Rothar jelis who was doing the career counselling business joined me as chief marketing officer and co-founder. and then in one event we met avinash, who told us why he liked the idea and how he had to take admission in low grade college due to lack of information. After that, he joined into our mission as CTO and Co-Founder and together we launched a web portal of

Today total team size is of 20 strong team members

 Give us a background of your core team and yourself with the age. 

Arshi Khan(24 Years) – COO and Founder, Engineering Dropout,  Awarded by Chief Minister Of MP, We the women speaker, Biker.

Rothar jelis( 29 Years) – CMO and Co-Founder, Pharmacy graduate.

Avinash Seth(27 Years) – CTO and Co-Founder, AWS certified professional, Corporate Trainer.

What has been Revenue, traction and growth from the date of inception till now?

Our revenue model is charging students as counselling fees and in just 3 months  19000 students approached us to take our services. out of that around 1700 took our counselling services. And with 10000 plus queries related to admission in UG courses 

If we see we just started with 25,000 rupees and that too it was savings but this year in the span of last 3 months we generated profit  of 30 lakh .


To help them we also launched a YouTube channel too name Student Khabri because we realised that guiding all these students over the phone was not possible.

What is the one thing that sets you apart from your competitors and what’s your revenue model? – Who are your key clients? How much do you charge them? 

Our competitors in this field are Collegedekho but they are working for colleges and we are helping students without any baggage. Others are shiksha and collegedunia but they are into lead generation.Our key clients are students of age 14 to 24 years.We charge from 1000 to 10,000 rupees depends on service

How are you funded?

We are bootstrapped startup, initially started offline with 25000 rupees  and last year we came up with an online platform, And in the span of 3 months around 1700 students  took our counselling services.

Future plans. 

We are building an AI based psychometric test aiming to make career counselling process independent on human factor. We are developing more tools and planning to expand our reach to tier 2-3 cities apart from Bhopal so that we can help as many students as possible.

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