best wireless gaming mouse 2020 Definitive guide

The wireless gaming mouse has always been at the center of a discussion among the most avid gamers, like all wireless peripherals.

Wireless gaming mouse, is it time to play wireless?

The wireless gaming mouse has always been at the center of a discussion among the most avid gamers, like all wireless peripherals. The focus of the discussion is whether the connection of a Wi-Fi mouse produces delays or not in sending commands to the PC.

The mouse, which is the most delicate tool for us gamers, since it is the one with which we aim and is the one that needs greater precision, speed and responsiveness have always been a bulwark of the supporters of the connection via USB.

Best wireless Gaming Mouse 2020

In recent years, technology has made great strides, and the future of any peripheral or object in the home is wireless, so mice are also benefiting from this continuous research.

We can say that nowadays there are reliable wireless mice in terms of performance. The best models manage to offer an experience without input lag making these “mice” suitable for any type of game but…

Competitive gaming wireless mouse – ESPORTS

I am a former competitive FPS player, I have participated in several online championships (America’s Army 2 – ESL), I was certainly not the ESPORTS Cristiano Rolando but I was doing well.

To date, I do not feel like recommending a wireless gaming mouse without USB connection to participate in high-level online tournaments.

If you are serious about online competitions, you have to sacrifice a little comfort for the certainty of the quality of the connection and the fact that you do not download the mouse during a match, a missed kill or a forced pause to connect the mouse to the cable could make losing your team and at these levels is not permissible.

With this, I do not want to advise wireless gaming mice but simply recommend to those who dedicate a lot of time and passion to gaming, (playing at high levels requires tens of hours of weekly training) to look for a mouse that has the option of being able to use it either wireless than wired as we will see in our guide shortly.

If you want to see the best options with cable (without wireless) I recommend you read our guide to the best gaming mice.

You don’t want to find yourself in the middle of a Clan War with the mouse unloaded, do you?

Factors to consider when buying a wireless gaming mouse

Quality of the wifi mouse connection:

As we said before, one of the most delicate aspects of wireless mice is the connection. An inexpensive mouse usually offers lower connectivity performance.

A mouse that has input lag in FPS and MOBA games is not acceptable. For MMO, RPG, RTS games a small delay does not affect much since they are games very focused on the use of the keyboard and the mouse does not need the same precision that serves in FPS games.

Battery life:

There are two types of batteries in wireless gaming mice, the interchangeable and the fixed ones. The models with interchangeable batteries usually use Stilo rechargeable batteries that you can recharge with a separate charger, usually, they are the older or cheaper models.

The most modern models have lithium batteries such as cell phones and are recharged via USB cable. If the battery lasts 6 hours, theoretically enough to cover an entire game session (I hope), you must take into account that in the long run, its performance will deteriorate by 20% / 30% and that the batteries will therefore last ¾ hours.

WIFI with cable:

A wireless mouse that has the option of being used with a USB cable is the best option. In this way you can have the benefits of the two options, you can use it wired when you have online competitions and wifi when you are playing more relaxed. Even without competing online, the wired option allows you to recharge it while you are playing and therefore not having to stop changing batteries or recharge it.


Wireless mice are heavier than traditional mice because of the battery. Check the weight of your current mouse (by typing the name of your mouse on google you should find the specifications on the manufacturer’s website) and compare it with that of the “mice” you would like to buy.

Mice are a delicate thing to replace, distorting weight or shape may take a long time before your hand gets used to it.

Factors to consider when buying a gaming mouse in general


The DPI (Dot Per Inch or Count Per Inch) indicates the relationship between the movement of the mouse on the mat and the movement of the sensor in play. It is a value that determines how fast the cursor is moved on the monitor. A DPI value of 1000 will indicate that every Inch (inch) of mouse movement on the mat, the cursor will move one thousand pixels on the monitor.

Most players don’t go beyond 5000 DPI so don’t be fooled by a mouse with a value of 16.000 it’s purely marketing.

Socket type:

How do you hold the mouse? Depending on your grip, there are more comfortable mice and less comfortable mice. Look according to the table below which is your handle and then check in the guide that the model you are observing matches.

Polling rate

The polling rate is essentially the update frequency of the PC with respect to the position of the mouse pointer. The standard id windows are 125 Hz which means that the mouse communicates with the pc 125 times per second. The polling rate of gaming mice must be around 1000 Hz

Game type

Depending on the type of game we will need a mouse with more keys or fewer keys. This is not a rule, but a shooter when he has 5/7 mouse buttons is more than enough. An RPG player may want 10/15 to get more options given the large number of keys he has to use in the game. Obviously it is subjective.


As I said before, the best solution for those who play competitively online is wireless gaming mice that have the option to use them both wired and wireless. This offers greater reliability and the certainty of never running out of battery or at least not having to stop to recharge it or replace the battery (when you can). Furthermore, the cable guarantees the absence of malfunctions.

  • LOGITECH G403 Prodigy Wireless


The Corsair Dark Core is a wireless gaming mouse that combines excellent design and material quality at a good price. The Dark Core has many interesting features and works very well and what I particularly like can be used with or without wires.

Let’s see the main features:

  1. The battery life of 24 hours (without using lighting) definitely more than enough to play for a few days without worrying.
  2. Rechargeable and usable via USB, before the mouse is discharged, connects it via USB and it will start to recharge and you can continue playing. During the most important games, you can use it wired without the risk of lag or disconnection.
  3. Interchangeable side handles according to your type of grip
  4. Suitable for Palm Grip and Finger Grip, the Claw grip may have problems due to the length of the mouse.
  5. Reliable and fast wireless connection
  6. With a maximum of 16,000 DPI insensitivity and a polling frequency of 1,000 Hz Wireless connection from 1ms to 2.4 GHz

All in all a great product, it is the best wireless gaming mouse for value for money, being for sale at 75 $.

It is also available in a version with QI wireless charging system (you can use any QI charging system) and a version that is sold with the mouse pad for QI wireless charging.


The Steelseries Rival 650 is a wireless gaming mouse optimized for competitive gaming. It is the wireless version of the excellent Rival 600 which has maintained the dual sensor truemove 3 which offers exceptional performance, combining it with the weight management adjustable via 8 weights and a flawless 2.4 ghz wireless connection. All supported by the ability to connect the USB mouse when you want.

Let’s see the main features:

  1. Battery life of 24 hours  an excellent life that guarantees 3/4 days of gaming.
  2. Wireless or USB  you choose how to play and when the mouse is unloaded connect it to the cable and continue playing
  3. Fast Charge, connect it via USB on the fly and in 15 minutes you will get 10 hours of autonomy in wi-fi mode.
  4. Customize the weight, thanks to 8 removable weights increase or decrease the weight on the mouse until you find the best solution.
  5. Claw grip and Palm Grip, the preferred grip of the 650 is the claw grip, but the Palm grip should also be fine.
  6. Truelove 3 sensors, one of the best sensors on the market.


The Logitech g903 is one of the most complete wireless gaming mice on the market. Like the other two models, it can work wirelessly or via USB which also works as a charger. The mouse has 11 keys and you can remove the two sides and replace them with a flat surface, or mount them on the right side and make it a left-handed mouse, in fact, this is also a wireless left-handed mouse.

LOGITECH G403 Prodigy Wireless Gaming Mouse

The logitech G403 is an elegant, simple mouse with a not exaggerated price. The G403 shares many features with its upper brother G903, including the quality of the wireless connection which, as in most of the latest Logitech wireless mouse models, is flawless, and can also be connected and recharged via USB. The G403 has 6 buttons and a good sensor, the same as the PM903366 G903.

Let’s see the main features:

  1. Elegant and clean design suitable for the professional environment
  2. 6 comfortable and working buttons
  3. 24/32 hours of battery life
  4. Usable wireless and via USB cable that recharges it
  5. Ten additional grams of weight.
  6. Optical sensor PMW3366.

Are Wireless Gaming mice good?

Yes Wireless gaming mice is very good player are playing games and this is best for it.


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