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4 Web Design Mistakes That Can Make or Break Your Business

Business deepak.ch 29 May 2018

Web design incorporates many aspects which include the layout creation, the production of web content as well as graphic design processes. Web design has been vastly incorporated by many businesses, as they allow a business to have a strong online presence and connect more easily with its clientele. Furthermore, with the growing power of e-commerce and online trading, it is increasingly becoming essential for a company or a business to have a strong online base if it is to survive in today’s competitive market. Many companies today are online based and a good website has the power to determine the profit margins of a company and avoid web design mistakes.

Nobody is perfect is a popular quote that relates to not only relates to individuals but also corporations. It is acceptable and totally human and normal to make mistakes, but as we shall see ahead, some mistakes are simply too costly than others. This is very applicable to the world of web design as well, as some mistakes made during the process of web designing can cost the potential user, which is the business just too much. It can even determine its make or break in the business market.

There are some mistakes that web designers make that can simply become too costly for the business. These include:

1. Pop-up Windows

We can all agree that pop up windows can be extremely annoying and irritating altogether. This is a window that suddenly appears when you select a certain option on a computer. It essentially ‘pops-up’ on the screen of your computer. When appearing too frequently on your website, it does make the visitor of your website have a disorienting experience. A business competitor whose website has little to no pop-ups on their websites has an upper hand over those whose websites have pop-ups. Firstly, this is because they are a distraction. Pop-ups interfere with what users were doing on your websites and can be painfully distracting.

Example, a pop-up ad appearing on the screen of a student who is doing an online exam is more of a distraction rather than useful. Furthermore, many users ignore pop-up ads, therefore their relevance as a marketing tool adds less significance. This is a phenomenon called ‘add blindness’, whereby users do not even check on ads which get displayed. The use of pop-up ads also signals wrongly with some visitors to your website, who believe that it is a trick to get them into something they did not want to see.

Some pop-up ads may appear as malicious software like viruses; a situation which will cause users to leave the sites immediately and reducing traffic to your website. This is bad for your business as users may end up avoid visiting the page altogether. Moreover, the presence of too many pop-ups signals non-serious sites and this bad for your business. This will create a very low traffic to your website and thus low business.

2. A Disorganized Content Layout

Nobody likes messy systems. It is tiresome and simply not aesthetically appealing. Furthermore, the first bad impression that users get of your website because of a messy content may leave a lasting imprint. Content is at the core of marketing. A messy website makes users spend a lot of time scanning and this is a bad impression for your business. Nobody likes to waste time searching for information when they could get it so easily from somewhere else. Therefore, a competitor business with a good content layout and organization structure has an advantage over a business that does not.

There are some existential strengths that a good content layout should focus on if it is to improve the marketability of the business. These include getting an impressive brand exposure as well as just tenacious brand awareness. An organized content layout should be simple, easy to search and easy to access various products offered by the business. Ensuring a clear hierarchy of designs goes a long way to avoid consumer confusion and improving the image of your business. If you don’t know how to make a perfect design layout for your website then read my latest article on to how to make an awesome homepage design layout to inspire your customers

3. Improper Use of Color and Contrast Features

A good web design should use elegant and professional colors. Colors have a psychological effect on us and shouting colors scream volumes about the business; it can even affect the mood of the design. A warm and elegant color is inviting and calming as well as aesthetically pleasing to the user. The color red represents very strong emotions whereas color blue has a calming effect.

The quality of the lines, the shapes, as well as scale and sizes, have a great impact on the psychology of the user of the websites; and these are very important factors to consider in the process of web design. Any web design should encompass and apply the rules of color theory as these have a direct determination of the traffic that the website would generate. Shouting colors on your website may not only make it hard for users to navigate the website, it may affect those with visual problems and scare away users. This is bad for your business, as you stand to lose a lot of clients and subsequently the survival of your business.

4. Non-responsive Web Designs

This could be one of the largest mistakes that web designers do that could break your business. Things that do not work are actually dumped into the dustbin. Many online searches are usually done on tablets and smartphones. Therefore it is necessary to ensure that the pages are responsive. Your website should also be able to top adjust to all types of screen resolutions failure. So that you could lose a huge number of potential customers.

This is made so by the fact that many users in the modern times have more than one electronic gadget. They may need to access certain websites in more than one location. The issue of unresponsive pages also wastes time for visitors to your websites. Many people do not have that much time or patience. If you believe that your website is not interacting perfectly with all devices then you need to take help from an expert individual or freelancer and a professional web agency. I highly recommend choosing a web design company rather than a freelance web designer to provide your web project a one-stop solution.

Some mistakes in web design can be very costly and even debilitate to your business. It is therefore important to choose only the best web designers to create a standard web design for your business. A good web design does not only make its users have a good online experience, it can also be used as an effective marketing strategy and bring in clients and sales for your business. It may be quite costly to obtain one; but in the end, cheap is always expensive. So, invest in quality in order to obtain quality.



Deepak Chauhan is a digital marketing consultant and CEO of VOCSO, a creative digital agency based out of India, USA & UAE. The web business strategist, who has 12+ years of experience, has worked with many small businesses and startups across the globe to help them build successful websites/applications and launch them online with his strategic consulting. When not working, he enjoys traveling, photography and satisfying his taste buds.