Top 8 Apps of 2017-2018 To Control Your Financial Budget and Money

Mint has information about your financial accounts, YNAB- It controls your all account, list of transactions with a focus on optimising credit card rewards

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Top 8 App to control your financial budget and money:

One of my friends asked me you earn less money than me but still you feel sufficient and you manage whole month in that money. Even though I earn more than you but still at every mid of month my salary gets exhausted and I have to to borrow to manage for rest of the days in month. So can you please share your ideas which you applied to manage your finance & expenses. Banking and managing money keeps getting easier and easier now a days through money managing app. So here are some special and fastest apps which can control your expenses and money. Personal Financial apps help us in remembering Bill payments, keep an eye on account balances, and stay within our budgets— things we need to do daily and for which we often need reminders. These app get automation on money management.

1. Mint app- Make your financial accounts:

Mint has information about your financial accounts, the app knows exactly how much interest you’re earning or paying on all your loans, credit cards, savings accounts, mortgage, and so forth. It also records when you pay ATM fees or annual service charges. Mint uses targeted advertising to suggest banks and financial services from its ad network that are better for your specific financial needs. Mint even tells you how much money you would save over the time by using this new, suggested services. Anytime an ad is irrelevant, you can dismiss it by hitting Ignore.

2. Receipts Pro track- Detail of receipt or bill:

Whether you’re tracking expenses for work or home, this app makes it easy to manage all those receipts. Using the camera in your device, the app lets you take a picture of the receipt or bill and enter relevant details on the spot. It will not only record the date and location of your transaction, it will add up expenses in different categories as well. Consider the app as a digital archive of receipts that you can search, print, email and export to other programs.

3. Level Money-  Captures reconciliation of your amount:

It is Designed to recreate the experience of opening your wallet, the app subtracts recurring expenses and savings from your income before dividing up what’s left to tell you what you can spend each month, day and week.

4. Wallaby- Captures detail of credit card transaction:

The app provides a sleek list of transactions with a focus on optimising credit card rewards, telling you the best card to use at a given merchant and how much of your credit limit you’ve utilized.

5. Spendee- Very user-friendly app to control your expenses:

This app is  brightly colored and user-friendly interface that comes with great budgeting tracking tools, this app will provide you full details of purchase material recipient or bill amount because it all track your opening expenses and after product purchase closing amount of your wallets.. Expenses are quickly logged into categories, with the option to snap photos of bills and receipts for easy storage. The Feed tab lets you easily scroll through your expenses.

6. YNAB- It controls your all account:

App is very useful as it sync all your account to control your expenses and budget. It provides day to day opening and closing balance. It controls your bill and expenses to manage your money in very emergency situation.

7. My Budget book- Categories all expenses and money:

This app is very simple in look but powerful in work. This app is serious app. Its manage your expenses by bounded you with fix amount. Means it categories all your expenses and money too. In this way will be bounded to spend only fix amount if money on food, clothes, entertainment etc. This app work offline too which is one of best features of this app but only one thing is with app that first you have to purchase this app. After that app is your and it only work for your money management.

8. Money fy- calculate your expended money in various currency :

This app is as simple as it is. It can be quickly use able. Very simple I interface provided to user for easily use. It support various currency to manage your money and also provide various features through which easily you can calculate your expended money very quickly. This app us totally free to use . For pro version you have to pay.

These all app fully support you to control your financial expenses and available free of cost you can try it.