Is Katrina Being With Salman Khan Only To Get Film?

But after break up with Salman, Katrina's career gone downwards day by day and once again for grooming her career she is trying to be seen with him .

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Salman Khan is that one person who actually opened the gates for her in Bollywood, the gorgeous actor doesn’t regret calling it off with the person who gave the much needed boost to her filmy career.

She moved on from Salman’s life and now busy with other actor like Ranbir and others. Salman is so kind hearted that he is always behind her in any problems but she ditches Salman every time.

Now a days again she has been seen with him in every parties and award functions and even she got caught on red carpet doing masti with Salman.

The things is getting mist viral about Katrina that her newly released film Jagga Jasoos she got only because of Salman.

Even for promotion of film Jagga Jasoos, Salman helped Katrina alot.

Now question comes that if Salman care so much for Katrina, why she ditch him:

 When asked these type of questions, Katrina told to media that,

“Salman always expected and even told her many a times to behave and look like her ex girlfriend and she was not comfortable doing that so she realised that is is better to get out of the relation”

Katrina also mentioned that Salman always supported her family instead of her. She qouted an incidence where Salman has rejected her choice and went with her family decision. The incidence was about the song ‘Munni Badnaam Huyi’ as Katrina always wanted to do this song and she always knew that this song is going to be a rage in the industry and at the same time she also wanted to support Salman’s brother in his debut film.

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However; when Arbaaz Khan shared with Salman that Malaaika (Arbaaz’s wife) want to do this song, Salman did not say anything but yes to Arbaaz. This was when she expected Salman to be her side but Salman supported his family.

It has been understood from sources that Salman always hated Katrina wearing tight and short dresses.

Not only to this extent but industry people started murmuring that Salman always forced his decision on Katrina’s career as well.

These all are the reason according to Katrina to leave Salman and to move on with her life.


But after break up with Salman, Katrina’s career gone downwards day by day and once again for grooming her career she is trying to be seen with him. Salman is so innocent and helpful actor that even when he could able to understand planning of Katrina, somewhere he has a soft corner in his heart for Katrina and went ahead helping her.

One of tweet KRK said that Katrina is only using salman for his career growth and films. She will never get married with him because she always live with young men and she will be surely marrying with a young guy and not Salman.

No one knows what is the actual reality but we all can just hope that Katrina understand Salman as they have such a great chemistry and already lived a very good relationship.