Urinate After Sex: Is It Bad For Women’s Health?

Whether it is right or wrong urinating after sex? Doctor always says that couple should urinate after sex for unwanted baby. Holding urine in bladder

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Now a day Urinary track infection or mould and bacterial  infection are increasing day by day in women’s and men’s. Due to which we face a lot problem like irritation, itching, pain in vagina.

We can over come from this problem  with one good habit  that is urinate after sex. Yes don’t  shocked it’s totally  right to urinate after sex. There is a scientific reason doing per after sex that if we do sex then their will will release  of sexual Harmon or simian or sperm and we know that sperm that movability  feature which means it can travel very frequently  at urinary  track and if it stay long in track can cause  infection.  If once infection occur in urinary  track  we face a lot. And also it not easily get recover. While urinating before and after sex clearly decreases the chance of a urinary tract infection

Urine is really good of flushing any remaining semen out of your urethra, which otherwise might provide a growth medium for mould or other infections.

Urinating after sex is pretty much your body’s way of self-cleaning the plumbing after sex.

If you urinate after each and every sex than this is very beneficial  for women’s  and men’s both. Because while urinating  you  are releasing or throughout all bacteria and mould which cause infection. So we can say that it is good habit to urinate after sex .

Sex  is very lovable and emotional activities so that after this no one either man or woman couple want to go washroom  for pee. This cause infection  in vagina or urinary track. Most of couple  want  to stay together  after sex no any partner want to leave but if they don’t do that than they were inviting infection and bacteria to their urinary track.

Even doctor advise to urinate  after sex  to couple  to avoid unwanted baby. Because when you forcefully do pee than all sperm goes out and you will be free from unwanted  baby. This way urinate  after sex is good.

I know plenty of people who refuse to pee after sex. Coincidentally, they have a higher number of UTIs compared to others who just get up and pee. That why pee it self called self cleaning.

Whether it is  right or wrong urinating  after sex or at any other point throughout the day, holding urine in the bladder for longer can increase bacteria and make a UTI worse. Also, it’s just straight up uncomfortable. So maximum we should try to vacant our bladder and urinate when ever needed.