15 Tech Gadgets Will Stunn You at Home But Not Often Use in India

Morning schedules can be hectic, Circuit Board Necktie, Heated Butter Knife, Finger Print Gun Safe, Pocket Sized Washing Machine

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We all know that India is a developing country and in technology too faster. All latest technology and innovative product are available  still  there are some innovative product which are not easily available in India.

1. Self Stirring Mug:

Morning schedules can be hectic, that’s why the self stirring coffee mug is here to make your days run a little smoother. This unique mug includes a push button to automatically mix the contents of your mug – perfect for lazy tea and coffee drinkers everywhere.

2. Roti Maker:

This is the electric roti/chapati maker. It cooks the roti without rolling out the dough first.  This machine replaces the rolling pin and the round wooden board, the tawa and the stove. One hour of electric roti maker consumes just a little over 1 unit of electricity. It also frees up the gas stove for cooking other stuff.

3. Camera Lens Mug:

Mug looks like a real DSLR camera  Perfectly for hot or cold beverages.

Camera Lens Mug is decidedly cheaper than a real camera lens and is washable to boot. Fill it with your beverage of choice . A lens shaped coffee mug with a thermos which keeps your beverage hot or cold for upto four hours.

4. Visible Charger Cable:

Smart rings, which are typically the size of traditional rings or larger, combine the features of a mobile devices, such as the abilities to make payments and access control, with popular innovative uses such as gesture control and activity tracking. Smart rings can communicate directly with smart phones or personal computers

5. Mobile Phone Projector:

It’s a product which step you  to the front of the room and use your projector phone to display the presentation on the wall or screen for everyone to see in the crystal clear quality. It is a truly unique device.

You can also find a number of Android cell phones with a built-in projector. These phones, like regular cell phones, come with a variety of different features. Some have different processors as well as different storage capacities. You can display images, video, Power Point presentations, and more using just your phone. Capture the attention of the conference audience by turning your simple cell phone into a multimedia projector phone.

6. 3 in 1 Breakfast Maker:

What an amazing, kitschy, perfect way to make everything you need for breakfast all in one place.

Never again will you have to dart around the kitchen to all your various appliances in order to get breakfast made. With this nifty machine, you can make it all with one appliance.

Start your morning right with the Elite Cuisine 3-in-1 Multifunction Breakfast Station. Enjoy freshly brewed coffee, toast and eggs all while saving you countertop space and energy.

7. Balcony Bridge Planters:

Balcony bridge planters are best when you have no space in your house and you love greenly. Then this is best option for you. It’s shape are totally based on your railing so that it can hang on it easily. In short space you can make your own mini garden .

8. Circuit Board Necktie:

This can be best Gifts for the electrical engineer, computer scientist, programmer and web developer.  neckties, bow ties, pocket squares and scarves are printed from real vintage circuit board schematics. It  found a truckload of vintage screens actually used in the manufacturing of printed circuit boards in 60’s, 70’s and 80’s; they controlled CRT monitors, appliances and more

9. The Stroom Proof Umbrella:

From very ling time Umbrella have been around however, they have one major problem – they cannot withstand a windy day. The problem has finally been solved with a new innovative design.

10. Pocket Sized Washing Machine:

For outing and any travelling trip pocket sized washing Machine is very useful.  It help you to wash your dirty clothes any time any where easily. As in sized it is small so you can carry it any where very easily.

11. Door That Converts into Table Tennis:

If you are sporty and due to lack of space in your home you can’t able to play .Now  there is a door available which can be converted into Table Tennis. So that you can play your game easily without having larger space in your home.

12. The Kitchen Safe:

This is a jar which can control your foodies habit through its unique features . It has timer lock system through it can control your always eating habits. Because only on pre set time it can be open and you can take food otherwise it will be locked.

13. Laser Keyboard:

It’s one of unique and innovative product which can convert any surface into keyboard. You can connect with Bluetooth to  your keyboard with iPod  or any cell phone and do your work.

14. Finger Print Gun Safe:

It’s a bio-metric safe in which you can keep your gun safely and protected with thief and family members. It’s lick and open only by authorised fingerprint. Other no one can open and misuse it.

15. Heated Butter Knife:

In busy schedule we don’t have much time to spend in heating Knife to out butter. So this product is very helpful in winter for butter toast. It save your time also and easily toast butter if it is too hard.